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Thoughts for 2011(and beyond)

Take the few minutes to read this.

It could make a difference in how you see things.


2011 is now here. 2012 is next year.  It is a good time to have a look around to see how the choices we have made have manifested. 


As the year gets underway, we look at what we did in the past years and what we want to do in the new year.  It may be that, in the past, there had been an event that changed your life.  This could be a major life style change, a near-death experience, a shift in consciousness.  It could be something as subtle and seemingly insignificant as deciding to change one thought or one feeling. 


Did something happen that did change you in some way?  Did you think this was the top of the mountain when, in actuality, this event cleared your sight so you could now see the mountain?  Now you can see the path and what you are being asked to do and be to get up to the top of that mountain. This event, whatever it was, was the door opening.  Many times, people mistake this for the “be-all, do-all, end-all” when, actually, it is not.  It is a wake-up call, the door opening for you to walk, leap through into the true potential of who you are.  That event, as important as it is, was the push to get you going.  It isn’t that event was THE EVENT.  It simply opened you up to see beyond to who you really are and the endless possibilities of what you are.  And to get you going.


Celebrate this!  At last, you have achieved clarity to see beyond the story of your life.  Beyond the beliefs and agreements you made knowingly or unknowingly.


It’s not a matter of what is the “right” thing to do.  It is a matter of what is the thing to do.  Push yourself.  Go beyond what you think you are and what you think you are capable of. 


You are much more

than what the story of your life wants you to believe you are.


The body is finite.  It whines and complains all the time.  It wants what it wants NOW.  It knows it is finite and its time is limited.  Spirit Within is eternal.  Spirit Within guides the body, not the other way around.  Get clear.  It doesn’t matter if what you are being told to do feels “right” or comfortable or you feel ready.  Know what you know, it is what it is, give what you get.  Know the difference of the body wanting to stay safe and comfortable and Spirit Within guiding you.


The first energetic wave was first felt some years ago, right before the turn of the century.  Since then, we have been preparing for the first of the gatherings in 2010.  Now that 2010 has passed, it is the time that we must all step in way beyond our comfort/safety zones and clear those ripples that continue to create distortions and confusions in all of our lives, in the fabric of Pachamama herself. 


There are times it is not clear when we hear that we have to all be one to clear those ripples.  It can be that we just don’t understand what that means or, perhaps, have a vague idea, but not a clear one.  If the physical shell is removed, what is left is Pure Energy.  That is why we are One – not through the physical outer cover, simply the Pure Energy that all is. The energetic is the beautiful Cloth of Creation.  If a “wrinkle” happens, we have to discern what that wrinkle is and if it is our task to smooth it out.  At times, it may seem easier to just leave the wrinkle in, with the thought that we will smooth it out eventually or someone else will do it.  However, if that wrinkle is left in, it will create other wrinkles and other patterns that were not in the original intent.  This is where we must discern if those patterns are part of the evolution or have to be removed.  We can only know this if we go beyond thought, beyond the personal.  We can only know this through the perceptual.


No longer do we have time for stories, excuses for not showing up, however seemingly justifiable they are.  We have to step in and show up, however we are called.  It may not be comfortable or safe.  It may not feel like the “right” thing to do or the “right” place or time.  Do it anyway.


We are all necessary, equal, and important in the Sacred Circle of Light.  Not one more or less than another.  Each has his or her own task to fulfill the purpose of The Light, knowing that what is being done is part of the complete tapestry, not separate.  However, that individual task cannot be done through any personal filter or construct.  Truly, when we say, “what I do for myself, I do for the greater good, not because it will serve me only, but because it will serves us all”, is, indeed, how we must perceive Life now.  Step in, sign up, join in – let’s do this together.


What we do now serves Pachamama’s children one thousand years from now and in the immediate present day.  We do not engage these gatherings that have long been predicted with fear in our hearts.  We engage them with love, delight, and compassion, filling our hearts with Light and Joy.  This is a time of Hope.  We have the opportunity now to really come to know what true community, Ayllu, is.  Not the construct of a society built on fear and doubt, isolation and insulation.  Ayllu is about knowing you are not alone yet not intruded upon.  The weight of the serious responsibility that we all feel does not have to be carried alone – it was never meant to be.  Together we carry it and together we can change the world. 


Grab onto this Condor.  Let’s fly together, gathering and weaving the very stuff of the Stars and the substance of the Pachamama together.




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