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Check out our brand new Penthouse Publishing Package! Featuring such standout services as a worldwide press release, a comprehensive media kit, a high quality book trailer, and the complimentary conversion of your title into Kindle & Nook format, the Penthouse Package is designed to make your self-publishing experience a highly rewarding one.

See below for a sample of all that our most comprehensive publishing package has to offer:

- Non-exclusive contract (author keeps all rights)
- One-on-one author support
- Complimentary copyright registration
- Bookstore availability
- Library availability
- Amazon Kindle listing
- Barnes & Noble Nook listing
- Worldwide wholesale distribution
- Worldwide press release distribution (250,000 media outlets)
- Book trailer creation and distribution to 25 popular video sharing channels, including YouTube, TrailerSpy, Dailymotion, and the Book Trailers Network

All this and more - for only $295! For more info, visit the "Penthouse Package" page of our website:

Your Friends At SevenHouse Press

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