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I just got back from a delightful trip to Dallas, where hearts are big and folks are reeeeal friendly.

Among the highlights, I heard a story told by a dear friend. It touched me so much I thought I’d share it with you.

Years back, he happened to be driving on a road, late at night, out in the country--no lights, no sign of life, no nothing. In the midst of total darkness, he heard that familiar beep. The beep that indicated his cell phone just went out of rang. That strange feeling you’ve suddenly lost connection with the world filtered through.

His thoughts wondered at the possibility should anything happen, he’d have no way to reach anyone. Scary thought. But more frightening still was the reality that even if his cell phone worked, he’d really have no one he could call—no one who cared or loved him enough to respond.

The reality suddenly was darker than the surroundings—he had no one to share his life with. He’d focused on success, on climbing the corporate ladder. He’d won victory at every turn in his career as an illustrious business man. He’d reached prosperity and achieved success, one reserved only for those with unique wisdom and skill.

But as he rode on that curvy, dark path, he vowed a change. He set goals to find that special someone who would fill his life with meaning, fulfillment and happiness.

It was that beep that rang the alarm to change his goals, rethink his path, and restore what was truly important.

Eventually he found the right woman, the love of his life, the jewel that lights his path. And once married, they both followed the journey to the light of the world—Jesus.Their life is now dedicated to serve Christ—in ministry and by example.

Sweet story, isn’t it? Too sweet to be true. But it is. And it’s powerful because that same beep is sounding off for tons of folks in all walks of life—the beep that says, there’s something better, more radiant, life-giving and eternal—a life in Christ.

No matter the darkness of the road, the curves it might take, the misguided goals to worldly prosperity— that beep will sound sooner or later. Either we ignore it or choose to reconnect with the one who knows every turn. He knew it from the beginning and also knew those who would end up in darkness and those who would come to the light. He shines the sign big and bold that says, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6).

Should you be on that dark, lonely road, the beep is sounding, the alarm has gone of,f and the call is ringing to re-direct, to change, and to return to the one who dispels loneliness, ushers satisfaction, and shines purpose for the journey.


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Janet Perez Eckles

“Life is not about what you cannot do because of circumstances out of your control. Success comes when you recognize what you can do with what God has given you.”

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