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Calix Meus Inebrians ii, poetry book

Second Poetry Book of
Jose' Antonio Orellana Artolozaga

I want to ask you like the most hardened man would request of the most gentle woman on earth: I want to ask you to teach me to be loved without loving, and In your lessons will you include a method of imbibing the mellowest wine, passion rose’ pricking my intents bare? Create the maximum illusion, then show me how to abandon it pitiless like a thorn fated drunkenness no longer magically infused. Show me your wild eyes of dark ardency, fan my flame o’er your desolate forest cloaked in shimmering garb, my blinding night. Bewitched. My heart, lead me back to the place where I left everything. The greatest wish, secure and bright, trustfully magnificent to your delight for I do understand, and I too bleed for you. Love, how madly I love you. That is all, There is no more. You own me. Goodnight my darling
Jose’ Antonio Orellana Artolozaga

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