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A Life Unrehearsed {My Life in Pictures} Volume 1 by Bonita Rose (Critique request and MORE!)

Bonita Rose ~ Fargo ND
Published Author/Writer/Amateur Photographer

Bonita Rose, or Bonnie Rose as she’s widely known - a woman nearing the defining age of fifty, inspires others daily on her blog, A Life Unrehearsed. The writer of countless daily musings, she inspires, creates, and meditates daily. Those around her know she is a woman full of life, a woman who believes in happy endings, a woman who believes in the magic of kindness and the power of the written word. She is a friend, daughter, wife, and a mother to her two gorgeous girls, Sara and Bethany. Her many interests include memory-keeping, photography, writing old-fashioned cards and letters, and when she can, singing loudly to her favorite songs when she’s all alone. She lives with her husband, Greg and their dog, Angel in Fargo, North Dakota.

Bonita recently published her first self-published work, A Life Unrehearsed {My Life In Pictures} Volume 1 at Click the link below to view the Preview and order your copy, just in time for the Holidays! If you’re a lover of quality photography, this collection is for you! It’s filled with not just glorious images, but with true inspiration on every page. Get yours today!

Read below what just a handful of blog-readers are saying about the stunning photography of Bonita Rose:

"This is a breathtaking photo! Absolutely breathtaking. Wow."
"Your pictures are so clear - they are a delight to look at."
"You are a fabulous photographer. Thank you for sharing them!"
"What a lovely photo - simplicity at its best!"
"I came upon your blog today and think it's wonderful! Great photos!"
"Wow! That is a perfect shot!"
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. You are a definite inspiration!!!"
"Wow, I love this picture! You're a great photographer!"

Bonita is also currently writing her first mainstream media memoir. Bonita’s memoir will be a book full of stark reality and much personal reflection.

Currently, Bonita is working feverishly on her manuscript and her goal is to be finished writing the manuscript by Christmas 2008. Her next writing goal is to tackle her query letter and book outline/proposal to have ready to send to specific literary agents in the Spring of 2009.

To contact Bonita, her email at present is
Blog URL:
Ning Network:

Read below for a short description of her up and coming memoir:

One Woman's Story
Finding Strength

Have You Lived An Unrehearsed Life?

A life unrehearsed. We all live our lives without a script in our hands. We live as on a stage for the first time, struggling to know the lines, to understand the plot line. We never know what is to come. Inside these pages by daily blogger, Bonita Rose – you'll read what it feels like to be human. To laugh. To cry. True, we all lead very different lives. We all walk very different paths. Yet as fellow human beings walking this planet, we all tend to feel the same breadths of emotion, the same stings of pain, the same floods of joy.

Although very different, we are all – very much the same. We look at Bonita Rose, we read her words, and we see ourselves.

Have you ever – in your own life -
• felt like the black sheep or ever felt you were unwanted as a child?
• come close to your own mortal demise?
• been mentally and emotionally abused by your earthly father or been misunderstood time and time again?
• been physically and emotionally abused by a past lover?
• had to survive through one, two, or three abortions?
• been driven to live a promiscuous life?
• struggled with your own forgiveness of yourself or with your personal faith in God?
• felt controlled in any of your past relationships?
• been alienated (having no emotional connection) or been forcibly separated from - your own children? Ever had to fight to be once again, a positive role model – in your children's lives?
• been publicly disowned by a parent?
• had to say goodbye to friendships that were once so very special?
• questioned your own happiness or had to start over?

Bonita Rose – a genuine survivor has. May these pages cause you to pause, to feel thankful, to feel stronger than you ever have before. With a lifetime of experiences and some personal reflection, Bonita Rose knows intimately what it takes to be a strong survivor. If you yearn to feel empowered, or simply yearn for a good read, A Life Unrehearsed is the book for you.

Read her story and be moved.

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