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Here are some spell-binding numbers for you Harry Potter fans and observers:
  • 325 million - number of copies the first six books in the series have sold worldwide.
  • 66 - number of languages Harry Potter books have been published in.
  • 6.9 million - number of Half-Blood Prince copies sold in the 24 hours after it went on sale in 2005 (more than The Da Vinci Code sold that entire year).
  • 4,000 - dollar amount of J.K. Rowling's advance for the first Potter book.
  • 500 - number of copies of the first book's initial print run.
  • 40,000 - maximum dollar amount paid for one of those first editions.
  • 700,000 - number of web sites and blogs dedicated to Harry Potter.
  • 62 million - number of kids in the U.S. who possess a Harry Potter book.
  • 60 million - number of adults in the U.S. who own a Harry Potter book.
  • 44.8 million - number of dollars earned on the opening day of the Order of the Phoenix movie.
  • 3.5 billion - amount of money the first four Potter movies have grossed worldwide.
Wow! Makes me want to yell, "Expecto Patronum!"

Source: July 27 article in The Week. Also available as a PDF from this Brand Autopsy blog page.


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