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Hello to all of you,

Thsi is a hint, please take advantage of the one medium that we have had in our midst forever,since the beginning of time, and that just what i mean.

Take advantage of the time. T I M E , for me this = This Is My Experience. T I M E.

Take advantage of your time, and use the pen and paper, dont turn on the computer, just the pen and paper and you will be amazed what you can come up with. Go to your favorite spot, we all have one.

After all, Michael Jackson had his famous tree on his ranch at NEVERLAND, and he made HISTORY.

So can you, TIME is all we all have and time is our most precious commodity,one never knows when it can and will be cut short,sooner or later,so relax , enjoy, and manage your time,and write the greatest BOOK, in the world. We all have talent,but we all may not know how to manage,me included. All of us have room for improvement,so get up and get out and CREATE. (ACRONYM FOR CREATE IS)??????????

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