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I was thinking just today about the all the highs and lows of the writing life and came to one conclusion. I wouldn't change it if I could. My only regret is that I started writing publicly at a ah...ahem, later time in life. Okay, I'm old, you happy now?
One of the "highs" about writing is the feedback you get from time to time. Someone will be kind enough to write and say, "I just loved what you wrote about bla...bla..." and you read it six or seven times just to get that "feeling" again..and again. Writing is my drug of choice.

I also thought about the lows. The times when you either receive one of the standard, "thanks but no thanks" letters; not that da Queen here would know anything about that; ahem...cough...spurt...ahem, or your muse has taken an early vacation just when your editor is breathing down your neck going, "Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet?"

But lets talk about one's greatest road blocks...wanna? At the top of my list are:

1) People think every single thing that comes out of my mouth is suppose to be funny. Come on...even Shania Twain has an off day. I still want her life... and

2) Self Discipline. I can get distracted by a gnat flying through the room, much less a funny email, a friend calling with a need, or a new magazine in the mail. Why yes, I'm partially blonde, why do you ask?

If anyone has mastered the SD thing, please, give it up. Your thoughts and comments, as long as they make me look good, are always welcome here. Okay, okay, just joshin' anybody?

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Comment by Georgia Richardson on September 7, 2007 at 9:21pm
I hear ya Ruth, and it sounds like you and I do the same thing. Routines are good. They make us accountable. At least that's my theory.

Thanks for dropping by and adding value to this thread. As my kids say, "you da bomb!" (I heard that's good)
Comment by Georgia Richardson on August 26, 2007 at 10:16am
I think you hit on one of the greatest tips...and that is routine. Having something that you can measure or something that holds you accountable, (like a routine) is so important. Some have suggested making a "to do" list every day. the end of the day, check off what you've done. I have found that method VERY rewarding, but sometimes downright embarrasing to myself if I have not spent my time wisely. So yes, having a routine is so very important to a writer.

I have found that leaving the email alone works best for me, too. I check it in the morning, and the evening. Unless of course it from one of my buds...then I'm all over it. I know, I know, that goes against my "routine," but, I love my buds.

Here's something I have found as well. What works for one writer, doesn't necessarily work for all. So take what works for you and leave the rest.

Thanks Pam! Great tip...

Anybody else have a tip to share?
Comment by Pamela June Kimmell on August 26, 2007 at 10:06am
Hmm...well, in response to your list of road blocks, (1) practically everything that comes out of your mouth IS hilarious.....and when you have an "off" day - which isn't often - you even carry that off with your humor intact; and
(2) I think those gnats flying through your room are all of those GREAT ideas you have floating around you all the time.....grab one and turn it into one of your famously funny articles girl.

Seriously though, I CAN be quite self disciplined when I keep my goal in sight - once in a while I stray off course - don't we all? I think having a sense of routine brings some discipline - I know that if I started EVERY day (this is pre-illness I'm talking about) with a cup of coffee and my computer keyboard in front of me I would write for at least four hours. I'd be swept away with my characters' adventures and not even notice the time. Staying involved in what we do supplies some measure of self-discipline - involved and INTERESTED that is!

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