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Its a fact! Red Rose Publishing is back!

Don't forget that the 1 carat diamond tennis bracelet contest is still opened!

Stop by Red Rose Publishing to take a look!

The new releases for September 20th are:


African Chocolate by Kadian Tracey

ISBN: 978-1-60435-034-0

ISBN: 1-60435-034-2

Cover Artist: Rene Lyons

Editor: Nancy Gail

Word Count: 9,408

Price: $1.99

Ex-Fiancées are like bad coffee, they leave a nasty after taste.

Lilly Delacroix is the only child to the Delacroix clan and they give the term loaded a new meaning. But with wealth comes hatred and misconceptions. She is beautiful, sexy and engaged - to the most annoying, egotistical jerk her parents could find. Dumped in the middle of nowhere, tired, hungry and angry she wandered the dark backstreet until she came to a camp of African people called the Esther Flock.

Merrick Atumbe is a big shot lawyer during the work week but on weekends, he just wants a place to relax and the Esther Flock is that get away. Until in wanders little miss daddy's girl, Lilly Delacroix. Sparks fly but then Merrick finds out that she is engaged things just goes down hill from there.

Can two people so different find common ground ?

Wicked Pleasures by Tambra Kendall

Erotic Romance

Humorous historical

ISBN: 978-1-60435-035-7

ISBN: 1-60435-035-0

Cover Artist: Rene Lyons

Editor: Nancy Gail

Word Count: 10,676

Price: $1.99

*Warning explicit items are used, not for the faint at heart!*

*Warning open Wicked Pleasures if you dare!*

Honey Jordan is in trouble. Her Pa is giving her one week to find another place to live. Her fiancé has not finished their house. She discovered in telling her best friend about Granny Cordella’s sexual legacy, a box of wicked pleasure, she now might be a criminal.

Can she escape the clutches of the law and marry Brock?

Can she find the topaz treasure,’ The Jewel of the Nile?’

Brock Ryan is in trouble. He’s about to lose his house and land because the will his Pawpaw left him is missing. His fiancée, Honey Jordan is in possession of certain sexual illegal items. His brother-in-law congratulates him and the Sheriff is threatening to haul Honey in for breaking the law.

Can Brock keep his fiancée out of jail and save his land?

Sacrifices and Second Chances: Save Me by Kendra Mei Chailyn & Jae-Lynn McKnight


ISBN: 978-1-60435-003-2

ISBN: 978-1-60435-003-2

Cover Artist: Rene Lyons

Editor: Nancy Gail

Word Count: 16,244

Price: $2.99

What happens when you wake up and do not remember every thing?

Can one secret destroy a person’s life?

Drew Caldwell is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the game of baseball but when it comes to his past, he has no idea. He was in an accident and after waking up, pieces of his past has been missing. He tries to ignore his feelings if incompleteness but cannot. Now he travels back to the small town where he grew up to find out what he's missing.
Callie Harper has managed to build a life for her and her daughter. Now she is finally getting on with her life when in strolls the last person she expect, Drew Caldwell. Old feelings crops up and now her past is crashing down around her. She can't let him find out her secrets, because if he does, her life is over.

Will Drew find out what Callie is hiding or will the secret remain just that a secret to be kept?


Twists of Fate: Changing Fate By Mackenzie S. Cameron

Paranormal/ Vampires

Fantasy with Romantic Elements

ISBN: 978-1-60435-024-1

ISBN: 1-60435-024-5

Cover Artist: Rene Lyons

Editor: Terri M

Word Count: 6,518

Price: $1.99

Ever had a one of those days when you know you should have stayed in bed?

Or you’ve been blown all over the room?

Mackenna’s life mission is to retrieve things that people are not supposed to have the knowledge of, like the parallel worlds with things going bump in the night.

That was the end of Mackenna Wynter’s bad day…. And just the beginning of what may not be such a great day after all.

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