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Don't you hate it when your plans fall apart?

Ours did. The last port of call for our luxurious cruise ship was the gorgeous private island of Half Moon Cay. Passengers waited with eagerness, bags full with suntan lotion, cameras, hats and items ready to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.

All expected to sink into the colorful lounge chairs lining the soft white beach. Or perhaps visit the cabanas strategically placed under palm trees. Or even splash in the turquoise green water.

But suddenly, we heard three chimes over the loud speaker, indicating an important announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen," the captain said in his unique European accent. "I regret to inform you that the weather conditions and the high winds prevent us from providing transportation from the ship to the island. In the interest of your safety and comfort, we will continue our journey through the Caribbean.”

A chorus of disappointing sighs filled the hallways. Then he added, “I tried to drop anchor and even circled the island attempting to find a safe place, but it was not possible.” Then he ended with nautical mumble jumble, which we tuned out.

The captain, recognizing the situation out of his control, gave up and off we went leaving behind the breath-taking island.

Rough seas are only God’s to calm. Only His to change and only His to bring the safety we need.

I received a letter from one of my readers who’s facing rough seas in his marriage. He writes:


[Regarding]…the excruciatingly painful situation concerning my wife having an affair. You had advised me to pardon her, brace it and carry on.

This I have tried to do, at least in the interest of our children. I certainly don't want to break their young hearts and jeopardize their future with a divorce.

But Janet, it's been extremely tough for me to stomach. Try as much as I want to, the entire episode is still just tearing me to pieces. It's so bad that I am unable to function at full capacity.”

Sometimes, like the captain of the cruise ship, we circle the rough waters on our own, wondering if we’re ever going to find calm seas to approach the island of peace. But it’s only when we recognize the situation is bigger and more powerful than our abilities that God can intervene.

Often, I believe that God allows those vicious storms to enter into our lives in order to draw us closer to Him. And in humility, recognize our weakness and surrender it all to Him—all the pain, disappointment, anger and bitterness. Then is when He lifts the clouds for us to see the sunshine of healing and recovery.

The captain of the cruise ship gave up and left. For us who know Christ, giving up ushers defeat, but surrendering it all to Him brings awesome triumph every time.

"O LORD God Almighty, who is like you? You are mighty, O LORD, and your faithfulness surrounds you. You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them" (Psalm 88:8).

I pray if you’re facing rough waters, rather than circle around to find an answer on your own, you call out to God who is the only one who calms the seas of our soul.


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