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I'd love to get any personal feedback on true-life experiences from anyone who has been through the self-publishing process. If you can email me with answers to the following, I'd appreciate it.

1. What is the name of the self-publishing house you used? 2. What quantity of books did you print?
3. What genre of book did you print? Fiction or nonfiction? What subgenre: Romance, self-help, mystery, business etc.?
4. Did you get to design the cover of your book, or have any input whatsoever?
5. Hardcover with dust jacket, hardcover no jacket, or softcover? What kind of binding?
6. How much did it cost to print?
7. What additional items did you pay for - such as illustrations, color photos, graphs or charts, professional editing, shipping fees, handling/administration fees, proofing fees, ISBN/LOC catalog numbers, any sort of distribution etc.? Were you offered any of these services?
8. Did your price include any marketing help at all? If so, what did you get?
9. How long did the entire process take?
10. Did you have access to galley copies or advance reading copies to send out for reviews? Did you receive anything similar?
11. Did you get a digital copy of the finished book?
12. Were you allowed to include a bio or other personal information inside the back of the book?
13. What were the conditions on copyright, royalties and reprints? Do you retain the copyright? Do you get paid in royalties or percentages? How much would reprints be and in what quantities?
14. What would you do differently next time?

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