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Well, the manuscript has been moved into the text production department, the website need a few more minor adjustments and the weblog is well on its way with three post so far . . . another step closer!

One on one relationships are starting to be formed with a few fellow writers and expanision into online communities of readers/writers of fantasy and christianity. . . another step closer!

A quick jump into the pool of online philosophical disscussions- the moderator had just returned from out of town when I joined and there was a rogue running lose during his absence so I'm waiting for the dust to settle before I begin posting . . . another step closer!

Viewing book reviews on,, and a few others to see who to approach when I get a galley . . . what is a galley . . . another step closer!

Growing best practice folder and seeing what will be out when Born is released . . . another step closer!

Seeing my "name" finally show up in search engine results, although its not much . . . another step closer!

The thought of it all still very large, lying in God's arms getting shelter from the storm . . . another step closer!

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Comment by SusieSunshine on November 13, 2007 at 3:08am
I am so excited for you, Andielle!!!! Wishing you the best!!!!

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