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So what happens when you lose your car in a sea of vehicles spread over a parking lot? Let me tell you what a friend did this past weekend.

She exited the arena after attending the Women of Faith conference (18,000 women exiting at once).

Once in the parking lot, she and another friend began the hunt for her car. They trudged across the huge area looking for the area where she’d parked.

It was nowhere in sight. When most of the lot was empty, they thought they’d have a better chance to spot it. But still no car.

So, she did what any sensible gal would do—she flagged a police officer who promptly invited them into his patrol car. They rode through rows, lanes, and around buildings. No car.

Finally, they spotted it next to a wire fence, not even close to where they’d been looking.

But here’s what she did which nudged her higher on my list of "smart" friends. The following night, she parked the car in the same parking lot. But this time, she got out, pulled her cell from her purse and snapped pictures of the car and its surroundings, the signs close by, and the side of the building.

Armed with evidence, she shuffled inside the large arena to enjoy the conference. Should she end up looking for the car again, all she’d do is pull out the pictures and show them to the guard. And viola!

The Bible says iron sharpens iron, right? So, I learned from her.

When daily tasks keep me wandering to and fro, and peace gets lost in the midst of activities, I pull the verse that keeps me focused.

Here’s the one I used today. "Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus" (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, NAS).

When you look for your car in a parking lot, or peace in the midst of a crowded day, I suggest you snap a picture of God’s Word and tuck it in your heart---it will come in handy!

Cheering you on in the parking lot of life,


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