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Stress could be the underlying cause of pain and muscle fatigue? Stress and emotional tension can cause tension headaches, also referred to as “migraine headaches.” Trigger points in muscles of the upper head and neck can create other physical symptoms as well, such as: numbness and tingling in the hand and fingers, carpal tunnel, weakness in the arm and hand effected. When you have an accident if the trauma is not rehabilitated it can continue to cause inflammation and changes in the body physiology for years to come.
These symptoms include: pain at the original site of injury, pain in the opposite side of the body, pain in old injury sites that were not properly rehabilitated, pain and problems with old weaknesses of the internal organs such as stomach ulcers until finally one day you wake up and you hurt all over. The body is doing its best to alert you that there is inflammation present that needs to be properly treated.
Consider making this year the year to commit to your health and happiness. Ways to deal effectively with stress include massage, yoga, daily exercise, healthy eating habits, and occasionally time away from “your hectic life”. Time away can be spent enjoying a personal retreat. We have the perfect place for you here in Sedona, Arizona. Remember us when the holidays are over and you start making your plans for your special vacation this year.
Focus for the New Year “New You”
You are the writer, director, and actor of your life's play. Write big parts, direct with humor and let your authentic self-shine.
Affirmations for Creating the Life You Want and Deserve
My thoughts and focus become the antennae that create my life's experience. Today and everyday I focus my thoughts and intentions on joy, creativity, purpose, and fulfillment.
Visualization to Create the Life You Want and Deserve:
In my mind's eye I connect to the flow of spirit and creativity within me. I see myself walking in my power, speaking my truth, and loving each moment of each day. Acknowledging that I am the writer, director, and actor of my life's play: I create my life drama with passion. In my mind's eye I see myself creating and experiencing the kind of life I want to live. I imagine a script in which I AM successful, loved, prosperous, and enjoy radiant health. In this role, I learn my lessons easily and I playfully express my life's purpose. I combine these images with the feelings of joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good things I am visualizing and thinking.
Remember to include Love’s Secret on your wish list in order to live your life in love!
©copywrite 2008 Annie B Lawrence, Ph.D, CHT.

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