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I got a funny email from my brother over the weekend as he was searching online for my email address. In a nutshell he said, "How many d*mn websites do you have, anyhow? I Googled you to find your email address and got tired of looking at all of the listings that came back." As an online business owner, I personally think that's pretty cool to be an online legend with lots of listings that come back linked to me. I don't think my brother was impressed, though -- he just said, "Uuuggghhh!" in response to my online legend comment and probably just thinks I'm a just legend in my own mind..LOL

As an owner of multiple websites, it can become a royal PITA to maintain and update these sites. I don't have current info on many of them. As a matter of fact, some are as much as 4 years out-of-date, I'm embarrassed to admit..:) Granted, they're not ones that I use frequently, but they do occasionally rise to the top of certain search engine queries.

In the quest to update one of my older sites, I completely hosed the template. Yes, it happens to the best of us...:) Instead of trying to fix what was broken, I decided this site needed a facelift and have taken this opportunity to completely update the look and feel of the site so that I can feel confident in promoting it again.

When's the last time you updated your site? If it still makes reference to a teleclass you offered in 2006, I think it's time for an upgrade..;->

To your online success!

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