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If it's past noon, forget about showers or baths.

There was no water supply. That’s right. Back in my hometown of La Paz, Bolivia, water was a luxury to be enjoyed and treasured only a few hours in the morning. At noontime, the faucets ran dry. Ranting and complaining only increased the frustration and probably my parents’ level of thirst, too.

But for my brother 11 years old and me at 12 years old, dry faucets were as common as riots in downtown La Paz. No hardship or inconvenience for us. On the contrary, gathering water was part of our routine and a fun part of our day, while miles away, American children gazed at cartoons like Mighty Mouse or TV programs like The Brady Bunch, Three Stooges, etc.

But in Bolivia, we found our own entertainment by rounding metal containers of any kind. With buckets clanking, we raced down the uneven dirt hill, dodging rocks and weeds and climbing small hills. Once, at the public faucet in the middle of an open field, we set our containers in line behind other neighbors who arrived before us. While waiting our turn, we laughed and romped with other kids. Careful not to dig our shoes into the muddy area closer to the faucet, we filled our jugs and carried them back home. Then Mom took over. She boiled the water before we could drink it. If not, the contamination could be deadly.

Years later, as an adult and in our new home in the States, I stood in another kind of line. I hoped to fill my bucket with significance, meaning, and satisfaction. I stood behind those who also searched the same thing--in work, activities, plans, and goals. On the surface, it was all logical and commendable.

But to my dismay, I was standing in the wrong line. The thirst of my soul could never be filled by any of the above.

And, you'd think I learned. No. I still find myself standing, with metal bucket in hand hoping to be fulfilled by another novel written, one more article published, one more activity completed, or one more good deed performed.

Rather than feeling filled, I feel dehydration creeping in.

But isn’t that life? All chores beg our attention. Crazy to try to do it all.

No wonder Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:13).

Is that an awesome relief or what! When my soul is dry and my days seem parched with burdens and demands, I race to stand in line before His fountain, and then take big gulps of the sweet and refreshing water that never runs out.

Feeling parched lately? What line are you standing in?


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