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Name: Grace Bridges

City: Regensburg (until mid-April)

State: Bavaria

Country: Germany (actually New Zealand! You'd better just call me a globetrotter!)

Tell us what makes you proud to be a writer from your City, State or Country:

Well, I am from New Zealand and have been living here in Germany for a while. I am leaving soon to travel on to Ireland, where I will likely stay at least six months. Eventually I'd like to go home to NZ, via America, visiting some writing buddies along the way. I'm glad to be a Kiwi because we are a resourceful people, and we can be found in every corner of the globe. Constant travel can be tiring after a while, but it supplies plentiful descriptions for writing.

What or who inspired you to become a writer:

Reading, I think. I never went to school, and my homeschooling (the first years, anyway) consisted of reading novels from dawn to dusk - because that's what I wanted to do. I owe a lot to the brilliant example set by author Stephen Lawhead.

Tell us why you write the genre(s) that you write:

Sci-fi seizes my imagination like nothing else. Okay, so I grew up on reruns of Star Trek and Back to the Future. But they stuck with me much more than Gilligan's Island ever did! I just love the scope of it and how it can take you on a longer journey than just about anything else you'll find. It lets me explore great "what-if" questions, as in Faith Awakened - What if you could go back and live your life again? And then - what if you found out you already did? What if God started messing with computer programs? These things fascinate me.

What special projects are you working on now and what books do we have to look forward to in the future?

My work in progress is tentatively titled "Legendary Space Pilgrims" - it's an allegory with the feel of Pilgrim's Progress, except it's in space. It's about half done, but is so long already that I'm considering splitting it into two volumes. If I do that, expect the first one very soon! Then there's "Godspeed" - the sequel to Faith Awakened. And "Housewarming" - a futuristic chick-lit set in Dublin, Ireland. I am also working on the Underground Project with author Frank Creed (, founder of the Lost Genre Guild, where Christian writers of speculative genres (sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural etc) gather to encourage one another. Basically I am working with the characters Frank wrote about in his October release "Flashpoint" - that is a lot of fun.

Website (where you sell your books):

Email address (where other authors can communicate with you): (I'd prefer not to publish this on a blog to avoid spam.) Everyone is most welcome to come and find me at Myspace, Shoutlife, Facebook, YouTube, Bebo, Xianz, Shelfari, Goodreads, Meez, LinkedIn, Ning, or the Lost Genre Guild. You can get direct links to my profiles everywhere by going to my Hang Out page:

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