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Have you ever been in Tulsa’s airport? Great place, but they have the narrowest doorways! This past weekend my dear friend and I visited that area to work on an exciting ministry. And fitting with her caring nature, she made sure she guided me through all doorways, hallways, and elevators - being careful to avoid obstacles in my path. But when entering elevators with our bags and suitcases on wheels, and with me holding on her arm, the squeeze was tricky, sometimes painful, and often humorous.

When we arrived at our destination, all those awkward attempts to maneuver through doorways were all worth it. We found a welcome that humbled us with gratitude, love that overflowed, opportunities to share great insights, refreshing exchange of possibilities, laughter that echoed through the house, and goals to further God’s Kingdom grounded on His Word.

Am I ever so glad we endured all those somewhat clumsy and often gawky passages through those narrow doorways. The reason we noticed them, possibly more than most, was because we’re accustomed to Orlando airport’s wide entrances and doors that open automatically almost saying, "Come on in, this is easy… fun awaits you at the other end!"

Isn’t life like that? Wide open doors lead us to fun, entertainment, and easy times? But often it’s those narrow doors, seemingly uncomfortable that lead to what’s truly valuable, brings healing, offers a banquet to satisfy your hunger, and pours blessings that leave you in awe.

"Enter through the narrow gates," the Bible says, "For wide are the gates and broad the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and few find it" Matt. 7:13.

It’s easier to enter through those wide doorways isn’t it? Easier to sink in self-pity, discouragement, and gloom. That door requires no change; it’s comfortable and no effort is needed.

Chances are that illness, disappointments, tough times, and conflicts are leaving you at the point of making a choice - which door will you choose?

Cross through that narrow door. You’ll see God’s hand waiting on the other side to hold you up, brush comfort to your soul, ease words of reassurance, and show you ways that will leave you in awe.

Praying that courage fills your heart to squeeze through that doorway.


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