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As I have stated before the war in Iraq and many things associated with it has troubled my spirit for a long time. Recently many of presidents bushes strongest republican supporters have made it very clear that they will be with drawing there support of the war because of there growing displeasure about the conditions that are present in Iraq now. They point to the toll on our military, the present government structure, the increased civil unrest, and the lack of security that exist as a whole in the country. Now one of President Bush’s biggest foreign allies Tony Blair is stepping down from his position of prime minister in England. This will seriously affect the support of the war in Iraq because Tony Blair’s support of the war did affect the commitment of our other allies. The final out come on this war will be a very interesting thing to see. The problems and situations that will occur in the near future as a result of this war will keep my spirit in a state of unrest.

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Comment by Darryl Williams on May 25, 2007 at 2:01pm
Yes praying is always a very smart choice. It really something else isnt it? thanks for your comments and be very blessed


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