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1. Driven by an internal value or meaning - Example: my # 1 value that I want and need most in my life is freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom to explore, for others it may be creativity they must express their creativity and can only do so in their own unique way. Others have a real value around making a contribution or to make a difference in the world.

I never see money as the #1 priority or driving force.

2. Natural Leaders - They are people who can inspire others (Employees, customers, vendors, banks etc.) to believe in them and their vision.

3. Achievement Oriented - They are usually the doers hard driving and totally committed to success. They are self Starters and ferociously tenacious.

4. Vision - They have a clear picture of the opportunity that lies ahead and are obsessed with bringing it to life. They are also big picture people.

5. Problem solvers - They see Problems as opportunities that will bring them even closer to what will work.

6. Individually - They kind of beet to their own drum, they don't seem to fit in a regular job type or structure they really value their independence. They also usually display a sense of what I call street smarts they are not afraid to get in the game they are willing to venture out into new places despite the fear of doing so knowing they will figure it out as they go.

7. Risk takers - Here is where I think some people have it confused Entrepreneurs rarely feel like it is risky because they believe so strongly in themselves. They really do their homework and like to take very well thought out calculated risk with a limited downside for a much greater upside before deciding. I would be willing to bet they do not gamble or take risks other than on something they feel they can control their destiny.

8. Multi Tasked - They have the ability to handle multiple projects at one time and able to switch hats from Sales & marketing to human resources to operations all in a matter of the same day.

9. Tolerate and even enjoy ambiguity- They are okay with uncertainty. Example: not knowing if you are going to make payroll on Friday or deadlines or even how to get done what needs to get done. They are just willing to put one foot in front of the other and trust in themselves that it will work out just fine.

10. They Share the spotlight and give credit to others - They really know and understand that it takes a team to succeed and really value and appreciate their team.

The 5 Skill Sets for owning your own business

1. Leadership - You must know where you are headed and be able to articulate your vision to get others to sign on to your dream

2. Sales and Marketing - How are you going to get your message out and attract customers? You can have the best product or service in the world but if no one knows about it they cant buy it.

3. Human Resources/Management- Building and managing your team

(Employees, vendors, bankers, administration, legal etc.)

4. Operations - How to bring your product or service to market and meet customer demand on a timely consistent manner day in and day out. (Systems, procedures, equipment etc.)

5. Financial - You must learn to use the numbers. If you don't manage cash flow you can be successful on paper and still run out of money.

Run out of cash and the game can be over real quick.

These are required skills for business success. Because they are skills they can easily be learned or hired just make sure you have them.

Steve Kennedy is a professionally trained and certified co-active coach with a passion for "The Game of Business." With over 25 years' experience in creating, building and managing a dozen successful businesses, Steve's ability to partner with clients and adapt to their culture has been key to his success. Steve understands the challenges people face in the business world. Steve just authored an exciting new book titled, 'Winning the Game of Business: The Entrepreneur's Quest for Ultimate Success', due late Spring 2007 To find out more about Steve visit:

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