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While visiting with friends, and after delighting in a plate of homemade spaghetti, our conversation turned to rice. You know...the rice shortage. Some grocery stores already ration the amount sold. The panic button pressed and its sound spread through the media.

Rice shortage, controversial issues re election candidates, stock market going through concerning fluctuation, real estate industry facing dark times, the war.

What a perfect playground for the enemy. Doesn't he just love, licks his lips in delight, and rejoice when "bad" news robs our peace?

He (the enemy) can only succeed however, if we choose to play his game, and allow circumstances to negatively affect us.

But if we don't fall for his schemes, we stand firm knowing the world's situation doesn't catch the Lord by surprise. Shortages are opportunities to show us his abundance. The war reminds us of the evil He will overcome. The real estate situation sends a message that if we dwell in His temple, we'll always have shelter and provision.

So retune your listening...away from the world, and to His Word. The battle we face against the enemy is fierce, but we know the victory is ours. His schemes that shout through news headlines are handy tools, but we have a Holy God who is in control, knows the future, and has already written the last chapter for you, me, and for mankind.

Here's the sharp Sword to slice through bad news: "For the Lord your God is the One who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory" (Deuteronomy 20:4, NIV).

Kris' prayer: Glorious Father, prepare me for the battlefield when the enemy attempts to entice my soul. Help me to choose my battles wisely, as my desire is to fight for causes that bring You glory.

Thank you for being the One who is with me, fighting for me, on the battlefield of evil. I ask that You dress me in a suit of armor that deflects all arrows the archer sends to slay me. Bless me with a shield of faith that is impenetrable. Give me feet that are steadfast and swift. Let them carry me over, around and through obstacles the evil one set for me. Give me eyes to see through his deception, and a mind to recognize his lies. Deliver me from the manipulator's traps. Light the way to victory, Lord, and I will fight to claim it for You, through Jesus Christ, Amen.

It is the Lord Who fights for me.
To Him goes all the victory.

He's the power and the grace
that shines upon my smiling face.

Because of Him I live in peace
where joy and love will never cease.

With love and friendship,
© Kristine Stanton

Thank you, Kris. This reassurance shall play the sweet melody of confidence should we have to give up rice and savor God's Word instead.


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