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That cry, slightly familiar for some and a nightly companion for others, is growing every day. It happens in unexpected places--we’re in the midst of crowds, surrounded by family members, our children tugging at us and calling our attention. In our crowded world, loneliness screams a desperate cry. The reasons are as varied as aches in a lifetime, disappointments in relationships and in the uncertainty of things to come. Loneliness when we're not alone makes no sense, yet it’s true, palpable, raw, and real.

For a brief moment I sensed that loneliness the other day when I received news that my job would be terminating. That separation from the familiar, isolation, and an empty feeling surged in my stomach. It clouded my thinking and forced me to look up.

Whenever bad news strikes or unexpected circumstances plop before us interrupting our peace, loneliness throbs in the midst of shock.

But do you think for a minute the Lord left this feeling from the list of attacks He defeated?

Here’s Dr. Charles Stanley’s commentary. It left a sweet fragrance of reassurance in me:

Psalm 102:1-7 (
“Loneliness can be a lifelong challenge or a short-term event. The length of the experience is often determined by how we deal with it. Turning to the Lord can help us find our way through the fog of isolation.

You can admit to lonely feelings. Being a Christian doesn't disqualify us from sometimes having a sense of seclusion. Many of David's Psalms speak of his longing for companionship. When we express our feelings to the Father and cry out for His touch, He will answer. I often tell God that I need Him to wrap His arms around me. His response is just as real as if a human being walked in and hugged me.

You should develop godly relationships. We should pray for friends who'll point us toward the Lord whether we're in good times or bad. These are the loved ones who see our faults and like us anyway.

And, be anchored in Scripture. When we cling to the Word during a lonely time, we'll end up with a richer understanding of the Lord. Occasionally we all will walk through the fog of loneliness. But God is the Light guiding us out again. If you're struggling with feelings of isolation, cry out to Him for help.”

Isn’t it reassuring He hears our cries, our please and calls when loneliness shows up at our door.

Praying you feel His presence, hear His whisper that’s constant and His company that happens to be the only one that’s trustworthy.


“Life is not about what you cannot do because of circumstances out of your control. Success comes when you recognize what you can do with what God has given you.”

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