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In some parts of the world corrupt, evil and aggressive politicians can simply raise any claims for territory which historically was unknown to them. Isn’t this why most of the wars were fought?  People simply walked into the territory of the indigenous people, forcing the natives inland or killing as many of them as possible until they are no longer of danger to the invaders. Then after some years, they claimed the territory belonged to them and they wanted independence.  So don’t you think the British should return Falkland Islands to Argentina? And don’t you think Japan should return Diaoyu (Japanese called these islands Senkaku)to the Chinese?

Those thugs are exposing their own shortcomings. They need to assuage their dignity and sanity of being put down by others. That is why they have no sense of shame or righteousness. You can see the evils and greed revealed in their eyes if you observe them carefully.

Please read the following story:

This white man was a convict from a certain country. He landed in some part of the world and surveyed the area finding out the closest house around that indigenous couple was at least twenty miles away. Before they put him onshore, the pastor gave him a gun and some ammunition, and told him his sins were forgiven by the almighty God. And he was to start his new life on this unknown land. He was also assured by that pastor that killing the non-believers was the message of God.

That young couple, which was in front of him, could not accept him unless the man is dead. This convict had been walking for many miles and it was in the evening.  It was unlikely he could find a place to rest during the next hour. Moreover, he cannot have that sexy woman unless that indigenous guy is dead. Men murder because of sex, money and power since the beginning of human history. What is one more killing?  He killed before. Didn’t that pastor tell him whatever sins he had committed could be forgiven by that Almighty God? And all he has to do is to believe that Almighty God? So he opened fire killing that man on the spot and raped the woman before the body of the husband turned cold, and then buried the corpse in the sea by fastening rocks all over the dead man. The whole night he had to lock that woman in a room so that he could sleep safely. He had to do this for several days. When he went out hunting for food, that woman must go with him. He did his best to win over this lady, by kissing her all over the body every time he had sex with her.  He gave her more than what her husband had given her in the past, sexually. After sometime this woman had no choice but to accept him. He kept her and looked for foods to maintain her. He had not harmed her in any physical manner.  Should this man be forgiven if one day a marine police boat arrives and this lady reports the whole incident to the police?

Wasn’t this one of the methods many nations were established? About a month later, a shop owner from the nearby village came in asking if she had more dried fish to sell. The shop keeper was surprise to see a white man with her but she convinced him that her husband went out fishing with the white man’s sail boat and had never returned. The shop keeper believed the story and therefore was of no danger to this white man. So he was able to walk off alive.

Nine months later, she gave birth to a black boy. The white man knew that was not his biological son. He wanted to kill him too, but the lady begged for mercy telling him that the father was already killed by him and that little boy was of no danger to him. This boy grew up normally but was able to establish himself as a king of the region, because of the number of followers he had, and the lies he cooked up.

This black raja ruled from Singapore to Kelantan, and was rather successful. He had only one son and no daughters.  One day his son was traveling in the forest and he came to meet one boy who was eating tarap under a tree. He mocked and scorned at that stranger saying he was very greedy. That poor guy said he was hungry and the fruits in the forests were his only source of food. That prince said those fruits belonged to the king who was the only owner of this nation. No one must take anything from the land without the permission of the king.

That raja said the boy committed a crime and must be executed. He took out his bow and arrow, and was going to shoot at the boy. That boy used a tarap seed and a catapult and aimed at the eye, blinded him on the spot. So there began the story of one-eye raja who destroyed trap trees from Singapore to Kelantan more than 2000 years ago. From then own, people have to pull up any tarap tree whenever one cropped up on their land, or they would face the death sentence. He was best in fraudulent and he manipulated all the indigenous races so that the white pirates from Europe could easily colonize South East Asia. Today, you don’t find a tarap tree from Singapore to Kelantan.

That boy who blinded him could not be traced. So the termination of tarap trees was started  from  Singapore 2000 years ago, and went as far as Southern Thailand. If you are the descendant of this one-eye raja, then you can still claim this kingdom. I heard one of the descendants was called Mahamati Crocodile.

This one-eye raja came to a river side one day when he was out on hunting trip.  It happened his supervisor who looked  after the 1000 goats also brought the herd to drink water at the river. By chance an Iban lady was washing clothes at the river, called Sungei Kaling. The Ibans were one of the indigenous races in this region. The raja approached her and wanted sex with her.  She refused on the ground that she would commit a sin.

“There is no such thing as sins.  All those stupid priests are talking nonsense.  They say one thing but behind you they do another thing. They are extremist religious preachers. The most obvious fraud is their heaven is available only after you are dead.  And those heaven sales people  are themselves still with us. Those assholes should have gone long ago. Some religions provide consolation to the deprived but they actually fan the flames of conflict resulting in disorganization and chaos. “Have you ever wondered why all the holy books were written by men?” he questioned her.

After lots of persuasion he successfully got the permission to have sex with her on condition that she would have the 1000 goats after that, and also he would tie a piece of cloth around his penis so that only two inches of it can enter the woman. So the raja told the supervisor to go home and pushed the lady on the grass and started to fondle her.

“After you hand over the goats to me, the huts for the goats must be also under my charge.”

“No problem, but how are you going to tell your husband you had so much money to buy those goats?”

“Oh, that’s not a problem. You must also go and tell my husband that from today onward, Krisnan and I would take care of all your goats. I will sell the goats slowly and I will keep all the money to myself.”

“Ok, sweet heart. The deal is done.”

He went down with her on the grass and pulled off her sarong and started to work on her. As promised, he only penetrated two inches. He was doing his best with the two inches given. But he also used his tongue and his two palms on her body. After about two minutes the frustrated lady requested him to go deeper.

“No, why should I? I am enjoying it now. And you said I must not go in more than two inches.”

“But I don’t enjoy it. I want you to go deeper inside. Your dick is warm,  long and huge. I love it. Please go deeper,” she put both her arms round him and pulled him tight on her.

“Then you may go off, and I cannot give you the goats. You have forgotten that agreement. You Iban people have no sense of contracts.”

“OK, please go deeper, you can have all the goats again.”

He stopped kissing her and pulled out his dick. He pushed it in again after few seconds, only less than two inches. Sex is just like the wild fire. It is indeed easier to contain the wild fire.

The birds soared in the sky, round and round over the couple. What were they looking for? Each of them was flapping its wings. Did they know what this couple was doing then? The sound of chirring from insects was going on every moment. The river water flew gently, just like the water between her two legs was also flowing profusely. The fishes and the sand on the riverbed could be seen clearly. From far away, two roosters flapped their wings and crowed, announcing that the sea water tide was rising. Perhaps the roosters were telling us that was the best time of the day to make love.

 “Ah, I now know you Iban women have very strong sex desires. Isn’t this the reason why you are having multiple sex partners in the long house?”

“It is not as you think. When the pirates came in we were living along the coastal areas because there were more food available. But the pirates came in with big guns and killed most of our men. In order to survive, our head man decided we should move to settle in the jungle so that the pirates cannot reach us. And in order to pass down the generations,  women were encouraged to conceive every year, and girls were encouraged to conceive as soon as they reached puberty. And in order to produce healthy and bright offspring, the ladies were encouraged to copulate with visitors to our long house. Thus the story of multiple partners was introduced.”

So this raja allowed the woman to untie that piece of cloth on his dick and he pushed deeper inside, as promised. Another Iban  girl had been deceived. The supervisor was later shocked when the raja said all the goats must be herded back in the evening.

Many days had passed and nothing happened. But then this raja came back again and demanded sex or else he would leak out the incident and let her husband know about everything. This poor woman had no choice but to allow herself to be exploited. She too enjoyed the game partly. Then the supervisor, Krisnan found out and he too wanted to participate, believing that no one will ever find out about it, since the woman always obliged whenever the raja wanted it. Two of them would visit the river and enjoyed her body together. Sometimes they would go into the river and would penetrate her with the lower parts of the body under water. They found it most exciting. She also loved him to penetrate her fully in the water, and allowed him to suck her tongue tightly and then they would put the arms round the other, with their legs locked, and remain submerge in the water for twelve seconds. At times her orgasms occurred while she was under the water, with the partner sucking her tongue and pressing his body very tightly toward her. The fear that her adultery would be exposed to her husband kept this woman under the full control of these two evil and fierce guys. She started as an unwilling partner and ended up as a compassionate companion. Months passed and the whole incident was still a secret. However, nothing goes on forever. One day, her husband came back early, before noon, and went looking for her at the river bank and found those two animals making love to his wife, who was lying fully naked on only a piece of timber. He quietly approached them and chopped the two men on the neck. After they fell on the ground he decapitated them one after another and dumped the naked bodies into the river, clothes and all. The river water must have carried the bodies into the open sea as there was not any visual evidence left.

Copyright © 2014 by  Poh Tiong Ho  

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