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A Better You in Later Life by John Molyneux

An essential guide to improving through exercise your quality of life in later life.

Like millions of other people I accepted aches and pains as a normal part of getting older, but wow, has this book proven otherwise.

With over 20 years of experience as an accredited sports therapist behind him, the author, John Molyneux has proven to me that aching joints and stiffness are not necessarily an automatic part of growing older.

A Better You in Later Life provided me with all the information I needed to re-educate myself and break my bad habits which have developed over time. I found the way the book is set out perfect as it makes you think about and adjust your posture, and then teaches you how to strengthen your core, by engaging the many muscles involved in it, and this in turn protects your back.

From there the author taught me through clear explanations and photographs, how to start exercising all the different parts of the body. For me, very importantly when to stop, and what not to do, including explaining which exercises and stretches should not be attempted if you have had hip/knee replacements.

This is not a book to glimpse at and do occasionally, it is set out as an exercise programme to be carried out one step at a time, ensuring that each part is successfully accomplished to the readers’ ability and flexibility before moving on.

Near the end of the book there are strengthening and compound exercises, and also some routine programmes which vary in length, however enable you in as little as 5 minutes a day to keep supple and have a better quality of life.

I learnt so much from this book, ranging from my ability to decrease the aches and pains I had taken for granted, to how to belly breath, which noticeably strengthens the diaphragm, helps me to relax, and is good for my blood pressure.

I highly recommend this book to everyone interested in improving their health and well-being. Reading it I have learnt invaluable lessons most importantly how to listen to my body, but also that I can incorporate exercise easily into my daily life, and through doing so increase my quality of life beyond measure.

About the Author:

John Molyneux is a qualified and accredited Sports Therapist with over twenty years’ experience. He has developed a skill and passion for bringing exercise to those who struggle to maintain a regime. He specialises in working with age-related difficulties, beginning with a gentle and appropriate introduction to exercise and gradually developing ability and confidence.

John believes that exercise is and should be accessible to anyone regardless of their age, ability or physical restrictions. This book contains the culmination of his experience and is a comprehensive and accessible guide for anyone who wants to acquire an exercise routine independently.

About the Book:

Ultimate exercise guide book for the over 50’s. If you want to stay as active as you can be then exercise is the key. A Better You in Later Life is a step by step guide to help you recover your strength, balance and mobility. You’ll start by learning about posture – the most common problem and usually the cause of most aches and pains. You will learn how to strengthen the core and maintain a neutral spine. You’ll discover how to listen to your body. It’s easy to ignore what your body is telling you, and tolerate ongoing pain and discomfort. In A Better You in Later Life, you will learn to re-engage and get moving again using gentle exercise. It may seem strange but you will re-learn how to walk – putting your body back into the position it should be, using your muscles in the correct way. You will also learn how to strengthen and stretch your muscles – dealing with muscular issues you were probably unaware of. Learn how to fix the problem by finding the source and become a better you.

A Better You in Later Life is available from the author’s website




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