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A Book That Inspires Acts of Kindness in Children

Review by Lauren S. Smith

The Thanksgiving Coat: Inspire Acts of Kindness, Happiness and Healing, written by Elizabeth Hoadley and illustrated byher talented 5-year daughter, Kailee, is a fine example of what level that teaching and learning can rise to.

This inspiring and motivational children's book is based on a true story that began with Kailee's visit with her mother to a food bank to provide much needed food to underprivileged families. After a call from Kailee's school asking her to spearhead donations to a local food bank, Elizabeth Hoadley took her daughter to the grocery store to select the food that they would give.

Kailee was full of questions for her mother - "Who would get the food?, Were there children involved? Did the children have toys to play with, a bed to sleep in and a coat to keep them warm?" The Thanksgiving Coat is a direct result of Kailee's probing questions and her concern about the children who might be hungry and cold.

The Thanksgiving Coat speaks to the values and beliefs that we should all develop and pass on to our children. But, Hoadley is very specific about how to sensitize our children to the issues of homelessness and hunger without scaring them.

Because of the urgent call for help from the food bank, Hoadley was able to join with Kailee in creating a way to reach out to others who didn't have as much as they did and needed help. Children will learn the lesson of giving and gratitude when they read The Thanksgiving Coat, and it may inspire them to create their own methods of giving.

Kailee is no stranger to illustrating and publishing books. Beginning at the age of 2 years, the creative and giving little girl has illustrated several books, including Balloon Wishes, which inspires hope and healing following the passing of a loved one.

At 4-years old, Kailee illustrated Roses and Rainbows which inspires health and healing in a child. Hoadley helps Kailee by writing the words in the books after collaborating with Kailee about the messages she wants to promote.

Hoadley's books have been described as a combination of Seuss and Shel Silverstein. Through hers and her daughter's creations, she strives to bring out the full potential in children and to promote mother/daughter bonding.

Hoadley has written several books on her own - all inspirational teaching books for parents. Books such as Aspire to Inspire, promotes true goodness in children and others teach self-esteem and self-reliance through stories about social issues.

The Thanksgiving Coat, Inspire Acts of Kindness, Happiness and Healing, by Elizabeth Hoadley and illustrated by her daughter, Kailee, should be a "must have" in both school and home libraries.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. For more information, visit: VirtualBookReviewNetwork.Com This review covers The Thanksgiving Coat written by Elizabeth Hoadley and illustrated by her daughter, Kailee.

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