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The changed life makes you a different person in many ways, it is not only age that makes you feel your life is going in another direction,  think about your lifestyles



Everything around you becomes a change once you experience something new, no matter how you approach life a change is always there.  A fairytale life is the easy one you will often dream of, but the reality of life is the the toughest, the one you least expect.



Holding on to what you once had will not allow you to go  forward, leave the past behind it doesn’t always work out the way you want to.  There comes a time when you got to let go.  It  simply makes you unhappy, stressed and forgetful. Life in that way  discourages your future plans.

When you have had a good life at some point in your life you realise all the fun disappears, nothing much stays, it can be heartbreaking if you don’t want to let go,   no matter how you choose to be in your new life, it seems like you always go back in time.


Sometimes everything hurts so much that you want to go away but don’t how to get away from the pain.  It is not easy to accept new lifestyles often you want to just be yourself.


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