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A Paranormal Romance That Will Leave You Breathless

By Lauren S. Smith

We're all fascinated with the unknown. Recent movies that involve paranormal activity have made huge impacts on the media scene and most of us can't wait for the next one. Caridad Piñeiro's 25th novel, Stronger Than Sin, deals with the paranormal in a way that brings romance into the mix and creates a story with passion and intense drama.

Readers familiar with Piñeiro's work might recognize Dr. Liliana Carerra, whom Piñeiro brings forward from Sins of the Flesh, the first book in her SINS series. Dr. Carerra is a heroine blessed with caring, loyalty and inner strength. She's sexy, but strong, passionate, yet determined - and when she meets Jesse Bradford, Liliana knows that she must help him find the right path for his life.

Jesse is a former star football player who is enamored with all the trappings, including fame and power. It's interesting to follow Jesse in his quest to return to the family values with which he was raised and to set his priorities straight. He's a strong hero who needs a strong heroine - he gets that and more in Dr. Liliana Carerra.

Family values also come into play in Stronger Than Sin, and with Jesse, Piñeiro explores what happens when celebrity status hits a person, changes him into an arrogant and selfish man and what transpires when he attempts to return to the values and integrity he grew up with.

The fact that Dr. Carrera almost died because of this evil group of Wardwell scientists makes her even more determined to help Jesse overcome the effects of Wardwell's experimental gene therapy of which Jesse has fallen a victim. When Liliana first sees Jesse, he has an unbelievably stunning body and superhuman powers, but she knows that it came with a wicked price.

Liliana and Jesse come together with all the passion and lust of a romance novel - Jesse is captivated by her compassion and her erotic touch. Yet, all around the couple is evil and they can't escape having to deal with a diabolical force that's determined to destroy whatever stands in their way in order to complete their malicious plot.

Stronger Than Sin makes you realize what might happen when a group of illegal scientists come together to round up certain patients they can use as guinea pigs in a diabolical plot to inject non-human genes into their bodies. It's science at its most terrifying and Piñeiro uses all of her writing talents to make readers stop and think about genetically altered human beings and what might happen if these amended humans had supernatural powers to use against mankind.

In Stronger Than Sin, Piñeiro continues with her original theme in the SINS series of science gone horribly wrong. She weaves the tale superbly and believably because she bases the premise on actual science. What is told in Stronger Than Sin could really happen in this day of genetically modified organisms.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. For more information, visit: This book review covers "Stronger Than Sin," by Caridad Piñeiro.

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