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A portion of Chapter Two from my Novel "My Mind's Telling Me No"

A portion of Chapter Two from my Novel "My Mind's Telling Me No"
Below is a portion of chapter two from my novel

Forgoing the last message I decided to go upstairs and climb into the tub to relax. When I walked into my bedroom I immediately flung my heels across the room. Those shoes were making my feet cry out for mercy. I then got undressed and placed my blouse and skirt in the hamper and headed to my master bath to turn on my water.

I began to take off my black lace bra and matching boy cut panties while I poured some raspberry scented oil into my tub. As the steam filled the room I began to daydream about Darren. I could still smell his cologne. When the tub was full I cut the water off and climbed inside. “Now this is nice.” I said aloud as I relaxed my body in the soothing water.

I laid there thinking that maybe this man entered my life for a reason and that he might be the man that I am going to marry? Just as I was in the middle of fantasizing about my future with Mr. Ware, the phone rang. I hated to get out of the tub, but I had no choice. I grudgingly made my way to answer it.

I was soaking wet and had forgotten to grab myself a towel when I got out of the bathtub, so now I was dripping water all over the place. Damn why didn’t I get one in the first place? I thought. I attempted to grab one from the linen closet before the person on the phone could hang up. I quickly snatched one out and ran to grab the phone in my room.

“Hello?” I said out of breath.

“Hello is this Trinity?” A very deep baritone voice asked.

“Yes this is Trinity. Who may I ask is calling?”

“Darren Ware. We met this afternoon at the coffee shop.”

“Darren hi, how are you." I tried not to sound so overjoyed, but I was ecstatic. I was so glad to hear his voice. But then it occurred to me that I never gave him my number. “Darren, how did you get my home phone number?” I asked beginning to fear that this gorgeous man was merely a stalker.

“Honey, your number is listed in the phone book.” He replied sounding very amused.

“No, it’s not listed…” Then that’s when it hit me, he must have gotten it from my business listing.

“Trinity sweetheart your phone number is listed along with your advertisement for your company.”

I was so embarrassed. How could I forget that? My home phone number can be found along with my business number also.

“You must think I’m a scatterbrain, first I forget my wallet, now this.”

“Nonsense, how could I think that a woman as intelligent and beautiful as you could be a scatterbrain?” He replied.

“Darren, do you mind holding for a sec? I need to get dressed. You see you caught me when I was relaxing in the tub.”

“Oh… is that right?” His deep voice growled in my ear.

“Yes and I’m standing here with nothing on but a towel wrapped around my naked body.” I exclaimed knowing that the mere thought would drive him crazy.

“So… right now, you’re naked?”

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