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"A Question of Merit"


Gregory V. Boulware

Has someone sent you a free EBook or PDF containing valid and thorough research and content? Did you read it and submit a comment, editorial, or review? No? Have you considered the time and work the author has sacrificed? What about you? Have you been dissed when someone promised to read your material, post a review and/or comment? How did you feel when the promisor welched and pretended not to know you?


Many authors offer free copies of their books and written material only to have the work kicked to the wayside. They offer discounts with hopes of receiving positive and constructive feedback in order to provide a venue or model for improvement. Every author is not a writer for profit! Think about it... Wouldn't it be a good thing if authors simply wished people would just read their work in hope of offering you, the reader, and some additional fodder towards the improvement to your life journey? How many books have you read in your lifetime? Did you make it through school without the help and guidance of a book? 


Would it be discourteous to think that people who receive gifts should acknowledge the fact? Would it be politically wrong to believe that when folks accept written material they should say whether it is a good read or a bad one? Would it be wrong for someone to not say anything to the giver of goods? What would your parents say to you if they knew that you had been rude...or have displayed rude behavior by lying to a person who has been told "I'll read it later" or “I have to obtain another copy...I'll buy one later," after displaying an interest while receiving the work? Is this how you would raise your children? Would you have them live their lives practicing falsehood? What about complacency...would it be polite to expect something for nothing? Would it matter to you that the giver has gone through great expense, time, effort, personal sacrifice in producing said material? Where you really raised to practice such chicanery? How would you feel if promises were brought to bear with the trust and belief in the ones who say they are your family, friends, or colleagues? Don't you think that expected action undelivered would cause a delay in posterity to the interpolate contribution?


Bona fide authors give a great deal of their time (sometimes it takes years, a lifetime) and effort in order to create.   If it were not for writers, what would we know about anything? This action tacitly creates a portentous display of petulance on the part of the receiver who would, in many circumstances, participate in the endeavor to discuss a particular piece of work or author in a position that would describe the writer posthumously. 


I wouldn't like to see this happen to you or any other contributor... Neither would my parents.


(This article was posted to 'Twitter' in anticipation of reader accessibility on the social site of 'Black In America.' The Club membership will not allow public access, so it's posted on this great forum, 'Wordpress,'The Book Marketing Network,’ and ‘Goodreads’ for the world to see...).


There's nothing like the feel of intelligent, funny, beauty, wonder, and all of the superlative gifts that reading brings through the touch of fingers commandeering a book! The text betwixt the binder and the leafing control of the mind and skin combine the soul and spirit encompassed by the journey of thought.


Should you ever receive a free book from someone, stop, take a minute, say thank you...and do comment to the positive or contrary.


The most accessible enlightenment is a one today and every day after that!


Peace and Love,






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