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Just published this novel:

As this novel is about the search for a cure for malignant melanoma, here's my contribution:

Every time a patient pointed to a brown or black spot and asked, “Is this anything to worry about” I gave an answer based on what I knew about moles and melanomas, but always with trepidation. Spending much time in the sun, living in Florida, and cruising on our boat only made my preoccupation worse.

My Novel, A Simple Cure, is part of that interest.

For friends, relatives, and readers, here are the risk factors for melanoma:

  1. Ultra Violet Light: High exposure, living close to the equator, or history of blistering sun burn.
  2. Moles: the more you have, the more likely the incidence of melanoma.
  3. Fair skin, freckling, light hair.
  4. Family history of melanoma.
  5. Personal history of melanoma. If you’ve had one, you’re more likely to have another.
  6. Individuals with a suppressed immune system.
  7. Sex: (no, not having it): more frequent in females less that age 40; more frequent in males greater than 40.

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