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A Story of Two Women - And the Choices They Made

Review by Lauren S. Smith

Rain Dance: A Novel, written by Joy DeKok, is the story of two women - one who cannot have children and the other, pregnant and determined to have an abortion so that nothing will hold her back from a planned law career. The two women, Jonica and Stacie, meet in a doctor's office, where they both have an appointment.

Stacie has made an appointment to terminate her pregnancy. Jonica is there for a totally different reason. She's been coming to the doctor for fertility treatments and now she's decided to end them and deal with the fact that she won't ever have children of her own. She and her husband have spent thousands of dollars on the treatments, only to have their hopes dashed each month.

Stacie's openness about having an abortion shocks Jonica to the core and even after the two parted, she finds that she can't forget Stacie. Stacie couldn't forget Jonica and her dilemma either and the two women meet again, this time confronting each other about their beliefs. After the confrontation, a strange and fragile friendship begins as the two women face their own hypocrisies and mistaken beliefs. Jonica and Stacie discover they actually have similarities and enough common ground for a friendship.

Rain Dance communicates a strong message in this world where views on abortion can be stark black or white. It shows that we can work together without being confrontational or by using guerrilla tactics to change another's belief system. Readers of Rain Dance will be delighted as they follow Jonica and Stacie reaching out to each other to form a friendship that will change both of their futures.

Sometimes we go through life rejecting that which we don't understand. Rain Dance is a call to everyone - especially women - to reach out to others and support their choices, even if we have a hard time understanding them. While abortion is legal, it's highly condemned by many churches and it's a choice that seems unfathomable to infertile couples. Rain Dance shows plainly why condemnation isn't something we should engage in.

Healing and hope is the main message of DeKok's book, Rain Dance, and it will open readers' eyes about the hypocrisy in their own beliefs. Only when we face our own hypocrisies will we be able to help others and get on with our lives without being judgmental. Rain Dance helps us see and better understand the fiery issue of abortion - both from a political and a personal standpoint.

Whether you're pro-life or pro-choice, you'll enjoy the touching story of Rain Dance. It may not change your opinion on the touchy subject of abortion, but you'll most certainly come away with a better understanding of both sides.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. For more information, visit: This review covers Rain Dance, by Joy DeKok.

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