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One day while astral traveling, Joseph experienced time in another dimension. It was not the time we know and use here on earth in our daily activities. Rather, this was the unusual attributes of time as found in spiritual dimensions.

Joseph said, “All things happen in spirit before they manifest here on earth.” He continued, telling me, “Time here does not work as it does in our physical world.”

The following passage describes Joseph’s experience and how time on earth differs significantly from time in the spirit realm:

During one of his out-of-body astral travels, Joseph penetrated a dimension where the past, the present, and the future exist together. There he observed the passage of time, astonished that it was not he moving through time but rather that time was passing through him. He described it as standing on the corner of a street waiting to cross, and, without moving, suddenly finding yourself on the other side, amazed that the street has passed through you.

An even more fascinating attribute:

Joseph found that he could stop time, start it again, move it faster, or slow it down—all are at his command.

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