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A Success Story in Self-Publishing Your Dream

My success story is very simple. When Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 I set out to write a book about him that was positive and informative. I needed to write something that would deflect all of the terrible things I heard about one of the most talented men in US history.

I never thought twice about doing it for I had already collected a list of MJ charities that I would put in my new book. Even when I learned the topic might offend mourning fans, the objective was for me to be honest to myself regarding the superstar; and not so much to appease the world. For, I felt the same way many fans felt, I was shocked and devastated over MJ's early death at age 50.

Michael's passing gave me the opportunity to take control over my writing projects from A-Z. After seeing "This is It" we all know that Michael took the profession of singing and dancing very seriously and I wanted to approach my new project fastidiously and nicely the way MJ did things.

In control - it was fun getting bids from editors for the new book project that I wanted to launch the year of MJ's death. Greenleaf services won the editing contract and I was livid when Federal Express left a large consultant fee on my editor's front door that consisted of practically my entire savings.

"Ms. Mitchell, you never checked the little box on the right side for signature," Fed-ex said. I left the office in Concord, California informed and thankful that the editor was the one who picked the package up off of the ground!

Next, I took bids for the Book Manufacturer jobs and was lucky to hire CM Malloy from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Needing to have full control over my project - CM Malloy are the most professional organization I ever met and their bid came in lower than 20 other printers. Malloy produces "Books Only" Tom told me the business had been around for 60-years and the final product showed. He and Debbie Sayers never tired of walking me through each phase of the process, taking my calls at all hours. To them I was the familiar author they had met for many years and to them - I am ever so grateful.

Bowkers provided the ISBN Numbers and walked me through a dozen name changes. I bought a block for about $250.00 a few years ago and simply had to renew the block for $25.00. It feels good to have a 10-block set of ISBN numbers that belong to only you. Additionally, I bought the UPC codes that you send to the Book Manufacturer. The printer places the code next to your ISBN numbers (10 & 13) on the back of your book so you're ready to sell them to stores immediately.

Long before Michael Jackson's death I featured him in a Youtube video as one of the 15 sexiest men I ever knew. So, you could imagine when he died a few months later, I felt I had died.
Today, after editors, book manufacturers, loans, banks, the books arrived.

I took a day off work to bug UPS. "When are the books coming? I took off work today to wait for the shipment and it's almost 3:00 p.m. here," I cried. The nice UPS woman was still talking when the man in the brown uniform knocked on my door with the fulfillment of my life. Boy what a feeling. I hovered over the boxes and cried.

Finally, the CDMBooks production: "The Love He Saved" is the true fulfillment of something positive that I set out to do for that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Just a few minutes later, everyone in the complex management office bought books and wanted autographs from a fan who was in tears just moments ago.

Needless to say, it was exciting to see my dream come true. I know Michael Jackson will be proud of the way this production was finished and now I release this baby, "The Love He Saved," to the world.

Now, sharing my work with the world is something my heart tells me that Michael Jackson would have wanted me to do. And, I would like to humbly thank Dan Poynter! His book on self-publishing is a bible to the writer who wants full-creative control. Thanks Dan.

Today, my success story is yours to enjoy. Thanks!

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