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~ "A Writer Takes A Pen" ~ 

Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. 

"A Writer takes a pen; The future no one can see; All is changed with time; Ahead lies mystery; All of fate's a chance; It's either good or bad; I tossed my coin to say; You either win or lose; A writer takes a pen to write the words again...and again...and again." 
~ S.H.J/M – Truly A Wonder~ 

Is it true that "All In Love Is Fair?" 

“How do you explain the attack on the woman and her kids? And what about the little Black Kid that was killed a few weeks ago? You did say bears hibernate in the winter…what about Professor Rockford’s explanation of bears stirring and taking a walk while sleeping in the winter? What about the people who saw the thing…how do you explain all that?” 


The news media swarmed the event. They surrounded Officer Leonard Kirkpatrick, his wife Evelyn, and his doctor – asking all kinds of questions while shoving microphones recorders and cameras in their faces. “What was it like to see your partner bitten in half by the beast?” “Why didn’t you shoot the monster when he attacked?” “What did the thing look like, officer?” “Why didn’t the thing eat the other half?” “How come you didn’t get eaten by the beast?” “Did the monster eat…?” 

The answer lies in the mystery of 'Fairmount,' 'Hallow,' Hallow II,' and 'The Spirit of The Soul!' 
These magnificently, fantastic, and well written volumes are available on 'Amazon,' 'The BookMarketing Network,' and '!' 

View Fairmount, The Series: 

"Strawberry Mansion," "Smith Playground In North Philly,” "A Sweet Briar License," "A Pillar of Salt," and "The Myrtlewood Street Funeral!" 

Parts One thru Five - 
...The Adventure Continues! 

Stay Tuned For The New Addition to the 'Boulware Collection!' Coming Soon...Mid to Late Summer of 2016: "Boulware*Butler Chronicled" - 'A Two-Blood Legacy!' 

The Read Is Free! Parts One thru Five… 

“A writer takes a pen to write the words again...and again...and again." 


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