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In Australia we haven't exercised the death penalty since 1967.  The Act itself was repealed, I think, in the early 1970s.  There are good reasons for not having the death penalty.  Of course, there is the heavy possibility that somebody INNOCENT may get executed.  There is the fact that it is not a deterrent, because most  murders are committed in the heat of the moment, ie, crimes of passion.  Well, I have found another one.  It just may inspire songs like 'Womens' Prison', performed by Loretta Lynn.  I've heard about this song, and today I had a listen.  Oh my giddy aunt, I just wanted to rip off my ears and throw them away.  Look, personally, most country music makes me want to retch like a demonically possessed adolescent.  I'll admit that.  But this song was almost a parody in its self-piteous (well, I guess a prisoner on death row about to get zapped is entitled to a little self-pity) and whiny mewlings.  But for the sake of music lovers everywhere, please let's have no more executions anywhere because we just don't want any more songs like this.

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