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After 66 Years, MIA Pilot’s Wife Discovers What Happened to Her Husband!

We never found her although we’ve searched. She found us instead. Beyond all belief, the former wife of Lt. Fred Delbern, pilot of the Lonesome Polecat II found us in March 2009, 68 years after he vanished during the mission to Bremen, Germany. We received a call from Dane Hanson, her nephew, informing us that she was indeed alive, and she wanted to talk to us. I called her immediately and found out that the former Mrs. Delbern had remarried and was now Geraldine Marshall. She had a good, long sixty-one-year second marriage to Joe Marshall before he died in 2008. Geri told me that it was her nephew Charlie Hanson who found me. One day, Charlie decided to google “the Lonesome Polecat” and the cover of my book Fateful Flight of the Lonesome Polecat II immediately popped up. Geri was shocked when she saw the photo of Fred’s crew on the cover that she could hardly speak. She immediately ordered the book and read it over and over. She was glad to know the details about her beloved first husband’s fateful mission. Read the full story on

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