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Alle Wells is the Author of Railroad Man, Lame Excuses, and Leaving Serenity

Alle Wells writes Southern Fiction set in specific time periods. Each book tells the story of one life and how society, beliefs, and culture shape the outcome of that life. The reader may find a family member, a friend, an acquaintance or themselves in her characters. Her stories are like life: funny, tragic, romantic, happy, and sad. Choose one of her titles and find yourself or someone you know.

Alle’s books


Leaving Serenity

Coming Of Age

Nikky Harris is a modern-day ugly duckling who triumphs over life’s unseen obstacles to become an independent, successful, and stunning swan. Her story illustrates the power to succeed that lies within all of us. In 1996, Nikky is a rich and beautiful woman - a self-made woman. She returns to her hometown after a twenty-five year absence to face the demons she left behind. During her visit, she shares her story of growing up feeling unwanted and out of place in a small town in the 1960′s and early ’70′s. Nikky’s road to success is heartwarming, uplifting, and inspirational.

Lame Excuses

Southern Fiction, Family, Drama, Addiction

Forty-year-old Emily Halley sits in a wheelchair in an abandoned lot of a silent, forlorn southern town. She reflects on her life that began in a short-order café that sat on this corner lot in the early 1960’s. She remembers and shares her love for the café that provided everything she needed and demanded nothing from her. As a teenager, Emily’s life at the café ends abruptly with her father’s untimely death.

Emily is forced to find a new life and enrolls in a culinary arts school in a rural farming community. She thrives as a culinary artist and finds a mentor, a lover and a new life in the Sand Fort community. Emily’s life is sprinkled with pleasant surprises, southern humor, disappointments and drama. Her passion for food remains constant and comforts her through the good times and the bad. Emily’s lifestyle begins to take its toll on her at an early age. A medical condition misdiagnosed by a country doctor and ignored by Emily leads her to a tragic and unsatisfied end as she tries to piece her life back together.

Railroad Man

Historical Fiction/Romance

Mickey’s job with the railroad is the best gig going in north Georgia in 1933. He’s tall, dark, and handsome and has it made in the shade. Mickey found his true love at an early age and dreams of the perfect life they will share. He roams the speakeasies and clip joints of Atlanta, looking snazzy and ready for some action. The women call him Killer. He seeks the exotic creatures of the city and the wonders they hold. What Mick finds on a cold, dark night in a lowdown speakeasy changes his life forever. Forty-five years later, Mick wonders what happened.

Praise for Railroad Man:

Brilliant, moving, sublime.....writing at its best! - Best Selling Author, Andy Holloman, North Carolina

WELLS DEMONSTRATES FLAWLESS EXECUTION! -Romance Novelist, Patricia Paris, Maryland

Joy, despair, triumph, and tragedy - Ms. Wells' RAILROAD MAN has it all.-Thriller Novelist, Gae-Lynn Woods, Texas

The characters and their experiences and emotions jump out at you from the pages of Leaving Serenity by Alle Wells. The smoothness of Ms. Wells writing immediately draws you into this heartwarming, and sometimes heart wrenching, story as you follow the lead character's life through heartache and triumph. Ms. Wells beautiful writing style, storytelling ability and unforgettable characters reminds me of southern writer Anne Rivers Siddons. I loved this book and have definitely become of fan of Alle Wells. Amazon Review

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