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I noticed the other day that my sales rank for my book “Across the Pond” went from 8000+ to just less than 3000 when I ordered four books. The sales rank number seemed at the time, to change by a large number within the rank numbers with only the purchase of a couple of books.

So needing a couple more books to keep my stock level before school visits etc, I have ordered two more copies as an experiment.

Today my ranking had slipped back up to 704,254 in Books, it will be interesting to see how and if this changes with the sales of just a couple of books.

Talking about Amazon I got a big shock today as we managed to get two copies of my previous (terribly badly edited) book which has been out of print for years
Stories from the Heart by Storyheart (Paperback - May 2003)
The book consist of about Forty of my short romance stories


Across the Pond – Storyheart

A good day for reviews at Amazon with not one but two, and both 4STAR

The first new review includes the lines…

This book is geared more for a younger readership such as teenagers; I really enjoyed it though…
It was a very cute feel good book and I think teenagers would love to read this and any more sequel’s the author has planned.

The second new review (number 58 at Amazon) goes into some nice detail and ends…

The book is geared toward teens but I had a hard time putting it down. It is an interesting and quick read. Well worth it!

Read all the reviews at….


Every Saturday at 11am. I interview an author or a blogger for 30minutes to find out what they are doing, writing, reading etc. Just a cozy chat over a cup of tea.
This Saturday I am interviewing multi award winning author Joyce Stengal

Check Out,

Across the Pond

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Comment by Teresa Morrow on March 25, 2009 at 9:24am

First congrads on the your books! The situation with the amazon rankings change so rapidly from high to low and back again because of the mass number of items on Amazon being sold at any given time. I believe they update the numbers every couple of hours (not totally sure about that). So it just depends on what has been purchased at any given time.

I wanted to ask if you are seeking more authors to be guests on your BTR show. If so, you can email me at
Thank you for your time.

Teresa Morrow


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