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Yesterday I tried to find out how the purchase of two books could make a difference
In the Amazon rankings, given that no super store would come along and purchase a couple of dozen copies. At the time of purchase I was ranked 704,254 in Books.
By the time I had completed my blogs and done my normal evening stroll around friends blogs etc, I was up to 707,014.

So what happened over night?

When I checked this morning… I was 195,103 in Books; this has slipped through the day to 282,955 in Books. So how does it all work?

I was lucky enough to receive some information from a fellow member of the SCBWI.

Her comments were…

My father-in-law and I were testing out the Amazon rankings one day. By purchasing a dozen or so copies we could shoot my book's rating up to about 1,000 (temporarily of course). You might find the following link interesting, it supports the results we got from out little experiment...

It looks complicated but helps explain.


Across the Pond – Storyheart

I was lucky enough to have a review at one of my favorite small blog sites

And while she found the fact that the two main characters fell in love very quickly, but heck us English are very romantic you know.
As I told a radio interviewer who asked where the romance side of my writing came from? I told him…

”It’s because I’m English” (must be something to do with Shakespeare etc…)

Anyway I must agree with Amelia at bookjunkie said… And that is the price of the book. It has gone up $2/3 since it first came out at Amazon which I can’t understand.

Still you can always get a signed copy direct from my the author for $15 plus $4pp

She ends…

Its a quick read, but I devoured it all the same. Steve was a jerk and once scientists invent a machine to bring fictional characters to life I will bring Steve out and punch him :). I loved Brit's parents; they were the kind of parents a lot of kids want. Another cool thing about it is because of a school assignment Fred has, you get to learn some English terms. Which may come in handy, if you ever find yourself in England or meet an English person.

Thank you Amelia for your honest review


Read all the reviews at….


Every Saturday at 11am. I interview an author or a blogger for 30minutes to find out what they are doing, writing, reading etc.

Just a cozy chat, over a cup of tea.
This Saturday I am interviewing multi award winning author Joyce Stengal

Check Out,

Across the Pond

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