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Apex review for Beastmode by Marcus Hasty The Author

Beastmode Book Review
Marcus Hasty
ISBN: 9781449025335
Reviewed By Daria Miles
Official Apex Reviews Rating:

4 stars out of 5
After witnessing a lifetime of pain, desperation, and death suffered by his
people, the King can take no more. Fully aware of the chief culpri...t responsible for
their endless plight - drugs - he devises a scheme to turn the tables on the game:
working with a brilliant scientist, he creates a drug 10 times more addictive than
anything currently on the market. The coup de grace: he plans to release it in
predominantly suburban areas, aiming to convert young white teens into
permanent addicts. After years of studying the logistics of the drug game, the King
knows just what to do to bring his revolutionary plan to life - and there’s little that
anyone can do to stop him...
Raw, gritty, and real, Beastmode is drawn straight from the pages of
everyday life. In skillful fashion, author Marcus Hasty provides the reader with an
unfiltered look into the grim realities of life in the hood, while at the same time
avoiding the stereotypical caricaturizations that often populate works of urban
fiction. Furthermore, Hasty succeeds in drawing the reader into such a realistic
plot that it ultimately proves difficult to believe that it hasn’t been conceived and
executed before.
So compelling and fast-paced that it’s almost impossible to put down,
Beastmode is an imaginative urban fiction thriller sure to please diehard fans of
the genre.

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Comment by Jennifer Lynn Knox on November 22, 2009 at 6:31am
sounds interesting.

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