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Authors and Angels Reviews Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1


BOOK REVIEW: Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1 by Stephen R. Paolini

Synopsis In a world where vampires seek to enslave humans and use them as cattle for the slaughter, one force stands in the way of their conquest. 
Planet Draconos used to be ruled by dragons eons before human or vampire existed. Now commanded by the sun deity, Pyronius, the mighty winged serpents have become linked to the humans they have vowed to protect. When a dragon is hatched at the same moment a human is born, the two become life partners-dragon and rider. 

Now in planet Draconos's most desperate hour, a boy is born both vampire and Dragon rider. Considered freaks, the unlikely boy and dragon are forced to live a life of exile until recent events throw the duo into the world at war. 

Will Nick and Drake side with the Dragon riders and help them turn the tide of war in their favor? Or will the ancient vampire, Vlad, corrupt our heroes with the evil powers of the Ooze?



Dragons, Vampires, and Zombies oh my! That is was gets woven together in the start of this epic dark fantasy tale by Stephen R. Paolini. Think of it this way Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1 is Stephen King meets J.R.R. Tolkien. That may not even a good analogy. Imagine " Said fantasy dragon story” dipped in a vat of “30 Days of Night” and you kind of get Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1. It is an intriguing mix to say the least. You are maybe not quite sure, but then you take that bite and it turns out to be pretty good and soon you have discovered you ate…or in this case read the whole thing up. If you are a lover of dark fantasy you will gobble this book up.

Most importantly I was immensely impressed with Paolini’s battle scenes. They were darkly gruesomely written . I cringed a little reading each detailed bone crushing action of the battles feeling envious wishing I could write a battle scene like that. It was just brilliant. A perfect picture in my mind. 

The fantasy planet world Paolini lays out is detailed yet simple. With some writers their big goal is crafting an overly detailed world making it so believable that this place could possibly exist somewhere, then when it comes character time they just plop in some characters in part leaving you with 2-D secondary characters. Paolini did the opposite. While his world is perfectly sound his main focus is his characters. Paolini has good character development. I enjoyed his take on the dragon/human relationship it worked well. It was believably felt. Paolini's characters are strong, likable and unlikable. The moment where Nakira remembers losing her dragon was eloquently written and felt. It would not of happened if his characters were not so deeply developed that I the reader would feel as well the sting of that characters painful memory. Still, though I wish for a deeper crafting of his planet world. Draconos just seemed so small, and made me wonder more about the world I was in.

Overall Blood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1 was a wicked dark fantasy read. I was really blown away by the dark intenseness of this book. I’ve never really been into dark fantasy, and I found it fun and entertaining. If you are looking for a good escape, escape to the planet of Draconos in the dark fantasy bookBlood and Fire: The Draconos Saga Volume 1.

My rating **** (4 stars)

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