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Being On Radio With A True Professional

I was on the Coach Ron Tunick radio show today. Ron invited me to talk about the publishing industry and book shepherding. Ron published IN THE THINKING ROOM as a trade paperback and wants to publish it as a hard cover, too.

I was supposed to be on the air at 3 o’clock for one hour. When I arrived at the studio, however, Ron told me he overbooked at 3 o’clock. He said I was being bumped by another guest.

Normally, you’d think that was a bad deal for me, but I wasn’t upset. I got to watch a true professional guest at work.

I was bumped by Jim Cathcart, noted author and professional speaker. Jim is author of THE ACORN PRINCIPLE and RELATIONSHIP SELLING. He is also in the Speakers Hall of Fame, Golden Gavel Award winner, Cavett Award winner and former president of the National Speakers’ Association. What a treat!

By the way, I got my opportunity to be on the air from 4 o'clock for half an hour.

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