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By Derrick Hayes of


Everyday Is Great In The Peach State.


I have a question for teachers, preachers, pastors, deacons of this great community. If there was no NIV or King James could we still have BIBLE Study? This message is for the bible scholars and the word hustlers on the corner speaking scripture for dollars. The only verse you need is to be versatile. Books represent what
you can say or do to keep someone from getting booked at the station where you will be asked to put something on their books.


Your genesis should give a revelation that your beginning doesn’t have to be your end and your first doesn’t have to be your worst.


Ladies and gentleman. Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines. Peeps in fat chains or ones rocking skinny jeans. With Kris Green presiding these words are inviting. We welcome Columbus, GA, Muscogee County and everyone in the tri-city area to Inspirational Wednesday’s BIBLE Study.


BIBLE means Begin Introducing Bodies to Life Education. If you have a friend that’s not with the trends you can either let them pretend or give them words that mend. Don’t thug them but hug them. Show them love like you get from above.


Do you know someone that seems sad when others laugh when they smell bad? The trail that people are seen with may be in part because they have nothing to clean with. Before you disrespect do a hygiene check.


BIBLE Study. BIBLE means Breath Into Babies Lungs with Expectation. If you smoke it gets into the lungs of your children. If you hope it gets into the lungs of your children. Smoke can cause cancer. Hope can create answers. Teach youth how to win, how to build, how to strive and how to keep dreams alive.


BIBLE Study. BIBLE means Be Inspiring By Leaving Encouragement.  Everywhere you goothers should want to know, what it is that keeps your mind on grow. Did you know that a positive word a day can keep many negative people away. Pick a word. Study the word. Teach the word. Then watch others leave their negative word for a positive word.


BIBLE Study. BIBLE means Basic Instructions to Build a Lasting Enterprise. The three things we must do to make this happen are (1) Introduce life education (2) Breath expectation into babies and (3) Always leave positivity. In other words have BIBLE Study.  My name is Derrick Hayes and that’s my Word Of Encouragement.

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