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Book Launch Celebration August 1st to August 31st

Anyone following this blog will be aware of the pre-launch virtual book tour that’s been going on.  As a thank-you to each blogger hosting me and my next book on their site, I’ve been sharing features of either themselves, their blogs, or their books if they are authors as well.  Tomorrow is the second-to-last blog stop on tour, which means the overlap talked about in July’s newsletter and in the Facebook author page notes begins TODAY!

Consequently, after you read this blog post, you’ll want to click on the Calendar link in the menubar above (under my book covers) and check out the first event in the calendar!  The reason?  Today is day one of the first three-day giveaway for the month of August. Every three days, the book being given away will change until we get to the end of the month.  On August 30th, one giveaway will end and two more will begin simultaneously at two different sites.

On, “A Year in Prayer With Jesus” will be offered as a giveaway for one full week!
On, “A Year in Prayer With Jesus” will be offered as a giveaway for the 4-day September Labour Day Long Weekend.

Between the two sites, 11 people will get epub, mobi or PDF copies of this brand new book, for FREE!

One of the reviewers of this book very much looks forward to engaging in it with her family for the coming year.  The paperback copy definitely has some heft to it, but the binding lets it flip nicely in your hand.

In addition to the first giveaway starting up today, another form of celebration is also now in gear!  While the ebook versions are being given away throughout the month of August, the paperbacks are not being left in the cold.  They get to celebrate by giving you a 15% discount at three different online retailers:

YTUWZNRV 15% discount code
YPWJ-PROMO 15% discount code
YPWJ-PROMO 15% discount code

Visit each site, locate the book you wish to purchase, and enter the coupon code at checkout.

This 15% off sale will run from August 1st through to August 30th, which makes it a great time to buy these books as gifts for others.  The grad gift, “Mom’s Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate” is a great book to send off to college with your high schooler that graduated this summer.  “Dressed for Eternity” is definitely more affordable with this coupon code as well.  So if you’ve been waiting for prices to come down on some of my paperbacks, this is the month to grab them.

If you haven’t been following the pre-launch tour, let me encourage you to do so!  The Facebook event page located here: has all the features and all the blog stops.  Each of the blog stops shares a bit about the new book, and/or a bit about myself as its author.  So if you’re wanting to learn more about “A Year in Prayer With Jesus”, this book tour is a great way to do it.  Click the “more” link in the event description to see all the features and blog stops.  Feature links are first in each row, followed by the blog stop at the blogger’s website.  You can actually get 24 single day samplings of this new book if you visit ALL the features and ALL the blog stops including the final feature and blog stop taking place next week.  These single day downloads come to you in PDF format, so they should be viewable on any device you wish to read them on.  If you are the type to put pen to paper, you may want to print them so that you can jot notes in various prayer prompt “your thoughts” sections.

But suffice to say, that we are now in launch mode!  It’s been an interesting ride preparing and talking up this particular book.  In wanting to hit the widest audience possible within the Christian community, I took the risk of spreading my book tour across a wide variety of written genres.  This now has me negatively labelled in some people’s minds who solidly disagree with some of the blog hosts featuring my book. Sadly, they have attributed the works of those authors with myself and I am now guilty by association.  The problem however, did lead to constructive criticism and that may actually open this book up to more readers than I expected.  So again, what the enemy has meant for evil, God has used for good.

So I’d encourage you to click and then bookmark the calendar page on this site so that you can enter all the giveaways this month.  I’d also encourage you to bookmark this blog post so that you have quick access to the coupon codes for this month as well.

If you have read my books and enjoy them, two activities would help me out immensely!  The first activity is to visit the menu item called “Around the World/Leave Reviews”.  The right-hand column contains a list of places where you can write reviews and rate my books.  I need to update that list as it’s grown recently.  The second activity is to spread the word.  Share the giveaway links with your friends, share the coupon codes with their store URL’s with your friends, share this blog post with your friends.

My dream for “A Year in Prayer With Jesus”, would be if 365 people bought the book and each began Day One on a consecutive day on the calendar.  Because this book can be started at any time of year, Day One can occur on September 1st, or October 31st, it doesn’t matter.  The book simply ends 365 days later.  So imagine 365 people all beginning Day One one right after the other until the last person begins on the 365th day.  For an entire year, almost two years now that I think about it, every single prayer prompt in this book would be covered every single day by someone!  Imagine the prayer cover that can give missionaries, global workers, inner city workers, etcetera?  Those are covered under one of the prayer prompts throughout the year.  Prayer is such a powerful communication medium!  If this dream came true, I’d be thrilled!

The paperback book, due to its sheer size and weight, will cost $25.50 US, with the various ebook iterations coming in at $9.99.  Once the proof in my hand has been approved, it will begin to enter online retailer shelves in paperback as well as ebook.  We’ll see how long that list is when the Long Weekend arrives in September.  The longer the better.

Speaking of long weekends, this is a long weekend here in BC, Canada.  Do you have a long weekend where you are?  If so, take the opportunity to rest up, and enjoy the celebration!

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Comment by Marilynn Dawson on August 2, 2014 at 11:30pm

Thanks for your encouragement Sheila. :-)

Comment by Sheila Hodges on August 2, 2014 at 9:40pm

Great job!!!


Comment by Sheila Hodges on August 2, 2014 at 9:39pm

God bless you, enjoy your journey......





Comment by Marilynn Dawson on August 2, 2014 at 10:58am

Thanks Michael.

Comment by Michael on August 2, 2014 at 4:33am

Good luck!

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