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Book Marketing Tips for Maximum Mass Reach

Writing a book is not enough. It won’t be long before you get bored of flipping through the pages of your own creation. You need admiration by masses that provide a positive kick to your ego and boost you further to produce brilliant creations.

What should be in your books that will encourage people to adorn their shelves with them? Off course, it is engaging content, an ability to connect with masses, and emotive factor. Your books should have extremely creative and interesting or emotional components if you want people to read and reread them.

Simply writing a book and expecting people to know about it is a folly. For marketing a book, you need to incorporate elements in it that are easily visible and capture people’s attention as well as interest immediately.

Word-to-mouth marketing is the most effective and reliable way to market your book and make people read them.  People trust their friends the most in choosing a book.

Book reviews lend tremendous value to a book. Peer reviews are great as they give great insight to a book from an expert’s eye. Blogger reviews are good as your books will have a web presence and will have a much larger readership. Blog comments can sometimes grant a controversial angle to your book. Reviewing books of other authors can be of great help too. You must prefer reviewing a book of a similar kind.

Displaying your book in a book fair is a popular way of book marketing. You can be present at the book fair to personally promote your book, or you can assign the task to someone else who is adept at doing so.

E-books are the current trend. People no longer want to gather dust by hoarding paperbacks or hardbacks. They would rather prefer an e-book which can be downloaded easily and read even while you are working. There are hundreds of websites that also offer few e-books to read. You may get your e-book published here for first few weeks until it garners publicity. Later, you can grab some bucks by offering a paid copy of the same.

Book exhibits let you showcase your books on a first hand basis to your audience. You get a lot of recognition, and you can connect with your audience who gets to know about new titles and publishers.

Promoting your book through Facebook is the sure-fire formula for success. If you have a community under the name of your book, your book has quite a following. Book promotion through social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter is sure to grab you a large viewership and fan following. Pinterest is the latest rage. You can pin quotes from your books or special highlights to gather public interest.

If your book has commercial value, then trade fairs are an ideal platform for marketing it.  Get more people talking about your book. The more they blabber about it, whether good or bad, the better. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews.  Getting negative reviews doesn’t mean your book is bad. It only means that your book is generating interest. Any good piece of work is likely to have a few critiques.

Link your book to a value-generating idea or celebrity. This is the best way to market your book.

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