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Book Review: Death Mask by Nora Delzelle

This story is a wonderful blend of many genres such as action and adventure, mystery, romance, and fantasy. It is written in a unique format—one that I haven’t ever seen before. And the depth and breath of the emotion expressed in this book is also beyond anything I have ever seen, making this a wonderful read!


This book is written by a debut author, Nora Delzelle. Her writing is clean, crisp, and moving. Death Mask is a modern re-imagining of the battles for supremacy between ancient Egyptian deities.


Alex Kincaid gets caught in a deadly conflict by placing a bid on an eBay auction for a golden mask. The bid for a beautiful mask would involve her in events that she never imagined and would ultimately climax to a test of her love and faith, both in herself and her friends. Can she survive these vengeful gods?


The characters and storyline are well-crafted. The story is about ghosts, gods, and cursed relics. It’s a tale of vengeance in which the reader will wonder what will happen next to Alex right to the very end. Alex had no idea that her life would turn into such a perplexing series of events as she picks up a listing with an Egyptian Death Mask that was up for bid on eBay.


This is a thought-provoking work. It is a powerful collection of poems that speak from the heart and soul of a pure artist. I feel that I grew as a writer having read this book. I can’t wait to read Nora’s next book.



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