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Book Review: The Big Fall By Tim Smith

    This is a murder mystery that is unique and complex on every page. Its not only a gripping thriller that has perfect pacing and staging, it also has multi-layered characters that linger with you. It is an unforgettable story that will have you wanting to read more and more until the book is finished and the last word read!


   The story starts in engaging moments and then intensifies as the story builds in emotional substance, one page and one chapter at a time. Between the words and scenes there is a pulsating intensity that makes the story memorable and feverish.


   The story is about Nick and Felicia. They are former spies and decide to take a break from their ordinary lives to head to a casino for some rest and respite. However, their break is laced with unexpected events and even murder. Who would have thought that things would become intense so quickly?


   This story shows how past loves can become hatreds to the point where one is willing to allow their feelings of vengeance to get the best of them to the point where unfathomable things happen within a matter of minutes. It made me reflect on the nature of past relationships and how once they are over, a person’s worse and most dangerous emotions come to the fore.


   This story also has an intriguing plot and plot twists, giving the story an allure, which will stick with you long after you have finished reading it. It made me wonder how people who loved each other so deeply just a while ago can end up hating each other so deeply that they would want to kill each other.


   I loved the story, and I will be re-reading it soon. The characters were unforgettable, setting up a tapestry of intensity and poise. Even the characters will linger with you just like a fine wine. A fascinating read from beginning to end!

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