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Apparently there is someone who is assuming that we are asking for fake reviews.  This is NOT true.  In fact the reason it is taking me so long to get back to you is because I am reading manuscripts BEFORE I post a review.  There are many industries where colleagues request reviews from each other.  I am currently reading a book by Lez Lewis and won't be posting my review until I have finished.  I plan to get to everyone who has asked me to review for them as quickly as I can.  For anyone who thinks we are not doing this professionally, I am sorry but you are wrong.  To those of you who have requested a review, please be patient as reading every manuscript takes time.  I am happy to help other unknown authors such as myself get the reviews needed to help aid in their success.  To anyone who is not interested, that is perfectly fine, but to assume anything without accurate information is unfair and wrong.   Thank you for your time and sorry to anyone who misunderstood our goal.  Have a blessed day!!

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