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Carnal Weapon - From Innocence to Intrigue

Review by Lauren S. Smith

Peter Hoffmann takes the 50s era from innocence to intrigue and injects it with some steamy sex scenes that you won't be able to get out of your mind. Carnal Weapon is a novel that has it all - including a plot that will keep its readers turning pages and wanting more when they reach "the end."

Hoffmann's new novel will capture your interest from prologue to the final chapter -- and in between, you'll have the delicious moments of reading about the twists and turns that took place in 1950s era America. If you thought of the 50s as an age of innocence, think again. Things weren't as wholesome as they appeared, according to Hoffman.

In Carnal Weapon, we see the "weapon" emerge as Alice Mercer, a French industrial spy who was trained by a renowned madam from Hanoi in ways to seduce a man - and keep him seduced. The spell she casts on rising Wall Street attorney, Jack Preston, jeopardizes his dreams of marrying his virgin sweetheart and mesmerizes him into revealing the names of investor clients.

When Jack is arrested for insider trading, he begins a spiraling journey downward that becomes a quagmire of deception, lies and revelations of his steamy and shocking forays into Alice's bedroom. Public hunger for more juicy gossip turns the tabloid media into everyone's secret "must-read" and reporters clamor for more even as their papers are put into a "porn" classification and banned from sales.

This turn of events creates a black market for tabloids and people begin waiting in long lines in order to purchase them at a premium price. Hoffmann reveals the 50s to be less "proper" than people originally thought, and a new light is cast on an era when staid characters such as President Eisenhower played such a big part in this "age of innocence."

Hoffmann believes that a book is much better than a movie for getting into the thoughts, dreams and aspirations of the characters -- and the characters in Carnal Weapon prove him true. As readers delve into the minds of Hoffmann's players, they'll be amazed at how truly human they are, even though many readers might never have imagined the level of ecstasy and passion they're reading about.

You'll know the intimate motivations for each character in the book and observe how sex takes on the role of exposing agendas and vulnerabilities. Alice weaves her magic skillfully in Carnal Weapon, taking Jack on a journey that only a highly trained courtesan could achieve - a journey that Jack never dreamed of - much less thought he'd be a part of.

Peter Hoffmann is a skillful wordsmith who takes readers of his new book, Carnal Weapon, on a journey of sex and intrigue - and an artful look at an era we might not know as well as we think we do.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. For more information, visit: This review covers Carnal Weapon, by Peter Hoffmann.

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