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Carriers: A Journey Into The Rainforest For the Obvious Source

Carriers: A Journey Into The Rainforest For the Obvious Source.

Carriers by Patrick Lynch

Okay not much of intro for this one. All I can say is it was a church book giveaway and I grabbed whatever looked mildly interesting. And one of those books I did grab is called Carriers by Patrick Lynch. It was a simple white cover with bright bold red title. Then there was an inside cover revealing three faceless military people in gas masks and bio hazard suites. Which too me is a very alarming message of the government having too much control. The same sort of message that was portrayed in movies such as The Crazies and 28 Weeks Later. And it brought to mind the highly illegal drug treatments and experimental did with civilians in American history. So with that image alone, I felt that if this book was done right, it could go so much deeper than a Ebola outbreak, by digging into society and human nature it self through the novel. (I love books that work on multiple levels at once)

So the book Carriers by Patrick Lynch is about an out break of a Malaria mutation that they call Mayratebo virus. It has the symptoms of Ebola, but seems to be ten times more contagious. The book focuses on two central characters. One is Carmen who is in the military and has experience in finding B3 and B4 viruses. She is sent to Indonesia to investigate the source of the pathogen. Then there is a second main character named Holly. Her Ex husband works in Indonesia studying plants to come up with ways to formulate new medicines. (There’s a scientific name for this profession, but it’s eluding me right now) Holly let her daughters visit the father in Indonesia and she goes to Indonesia to see them and brings them home. And book sources from victim for a while, explaining what virus does and the chronicles Carmen as she looks for the source and Holly as she looks for her children. And with that give I think its side for any one to conclude that these two factors are related. And by the way, there’s also the corrupt Indonesian government.

So the good? Well I’ll start with one thing I’m glad of. They did not go in extensive detail of the Ebola virus. That was a relief. I have read a book a like this one years ago, called, “The Hot Zone” and “The Hot Zone,” went into so much extensive detail about the virus, that it actually mad me want to throw up. Thankfully, there is just enough detail for us to go “that’s really bad” but doesn’t detour the reader from reading the book. And the other thing, I say was good about it, is the climax. The last fifty pages of this book are fantastic.

And now the bad, the last fifty pages of the book that I said was good. Well those were the only pages I enjoyed truthfully. The book was very slow paced. And I’m patient. I mean I typically give longer books two hundred pages to set thing up before continuing the story, with the characters. But after the outbreaks within the first third, the book focuses on Carmen roaming through the jungle with her team for a very long time and Holly doesn’t show up until the very end. Overall it is slow paces. I’m not a big thriller fan. So some one else might think differently. But here’s the biggest complaint of all. The book is called, “Carriers” And how does Holly’s and Carmen’s stories come together in this book? Take a wild guess? I mean they give away the answer to the mystery in the title. This is the first book I even seen spoiled by the title. And twenty pages in you know who the carriers are. So the thrill of thriller is completely taken away form the reader.

Overall it’s worth the read for some. For me personally I may never read it again. The idea of an out break is appealing to me as I read about common day people trying to thrive. Not so much with the military as the main character running tests in the rainforest. Then again, I guess, I’m just picky. If you like this sort of stuff like bio chemical outbreaks, then this is for you. But for the rest of us, it may be one time read. And if you have no interest in science, what so ever, you’re just going to fall asleep. So I’m giving this two smoothies out of four

Overall Rating: A Journey Into The Rainforest For the Obvious Source.

2 smoothies out of four.

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